How to Make Your Own Whatsapp Sticker

If you use Whatsapp, then you must have come across one or the other sticker. Someone must have sent you or you must have also sent it to someone. In this new update of Whatsapp, you can send Sticker along with Emoji’s.

For example, if you have used Hike Messenger, then you must know that we can send Sticker in it. Sticker is only one kind of image. But the back part in the sticker is removed.

How to use Whatsapp Sticker Future

You have to open Whatsapp. After that you have to open their chat to send a message to someone. Now from where you send Emoji, there you will have another Future Show. As you can see in the image below.

If you want to download more stickers, then by clicking on the plus (+) sign, you will see all the new stickers from there. And you can download and send them.

How to make your own Whatsapp Sticker

To make your own Whatsapp Sticker, you have to download some important app in your mobile. And only after that you will be able to create your own stickers. So let’s know how to make your own Whatsapp Sticker

First of all, install the following app on your mobile.

1) Background Eraser App : Download App

2) Personal stickers for WhatsApp – Download App

After installing these apps in mobile, you have to convert your image to Png image, you can do that with Background Eraser App. So let’s know how to do it.

Step 1) Open Background Eraser App.

Step 2) Now select your image from there. The image of which you want to make a sticker. After that you have to remove the background by editing it.

Step 3) Now when your image will be edited, then you have to save it. Do the same with 2-3 images and save them.

Step 4) After your images are saved, now you have to open Personal Stickers for WhatsApp App. And there automatically you will start showing the edited images and from there you have to add it to your Whatsapp by clicking on the ADD Button.

Now as soon as you open your Whatsapp, you will see the Stickers Show made by you there. And you can send them to anyone.

Now you must have come to know and you must have understood that how we can send our own stickers on WhatsApp. And that too easily. Now if you have not understood anything or your stickers are not being made, then you can comment me.



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