Prisma Photo Editor App – A Best Photo Editing App For Android

Prisma Photo Editor App – Prisma is a photo editor app in which we can give a different look to the photo by applying the best filters, effects. 500 art styles have been given in the gallery of prisma app. With which we can apply in our photo. Or the background of the photo can also be changed.

How to use Prisma photo editor app –

Step-1: Download App From Play Store
Step-2: After installing the app, open it. after which

Step-3: After clicking on the Next button

Step-4: In Prisma app, we can sign in from google or we can also sign in with any other method.

Step-5: And if you do not want to sign in, then you are skipped by clicking on the skip button in the top right side, after which-

Step-6: Now the photo gallery of our mobile gets open, from which we select a photo. after which-

Step-7: Now all the art library in prisma app is given below, from which we select any one.

Step-8: And for extra art, we can add art by clicking on the library, which we can apply to the photo. Now after this-

Step-9: If we want that the art that we have selected should be applied only in the photo and not in the background, then for that click on the option placed below the arrow.

Step-10: And if we want the art to be applied only in the background, then we click on the same option again for that. And

Step-11: If we want that art is applied in both the photos as well as in the background, then again click on the same option. Now after this –

Step-12: Now we can also change the background in it, by clicking on the option like gallary in the interface below.

Step-13: Due to which we are given many background options, from which we select any and click on the apply button.

Step-14: Due to which the background is set in the photo, so that now to save it in the gallery, click on the save button above.

Step-15: By which the edited image gets saved in the gallery.

In this way we can edit the image better through prisma app.


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