Logo Maker Plus App – How to Make Your Name Logo

Logo maker plus is also called logopit plus, if we are working on a website or youtube channel, then logo of blog, website or youtube is made for this, so that we can identify that bolg website, or youtube. . The logo maker plus app provides us with many icons to create a logo, using which we can create a better logo for our blog, website, or youtube. Similarly, we can create a better logo through the logo maker plus app. is

How to use Logo maker plus app

Some steps are followed to use Logo maker plus

Step-1: After installing the logo maker plus app, open it.

Step-2: In this, now for whomever we want to create a logo like – youtube, blog, instagram, facebook etc., we select it.

Step-3: After selecting the type in Logo Maker Plus, we come to the home page which has many options like-

Step-4: First of all click on  plus sign(Add logo) in gallery option in bottom side in which we get many icons.

Step-5: In this, we click on the free option and select whatever icon we want.

Step-6: Now any color in the icon, save them by changing the background.

Step-7: Now to give the name title in the logo, click on the second option A + below.

Step-8: In which many types of fonts are given and whatever we want to use in bold, italic, underline text, we can easily use it in the text.

Step-9: Now we can also add a picture to the logo, for this the option of camara is given on the third number below, on which click.

Step-10: In which we are given three options to select the picture Advance crop, crop and add picture, and add picture.

Step-11: In this, by using Advance crop and crop and add picture, crop the picture and use it in the logo.

Step-12: And add picture without cropping through add picture.

Step-13: And after adding a picture, you can filter it, erase it, and change the picture, and you can also add more picture by adding picture.

Step-14: After this, you can apply in the settings logo by clicking on the right tick mark on the right side.

Step-15: And now if we want to change the background, then for this we click on the fourth option.

Step-16: Now we click on add logo

Step-17: In this, we can use many types of colors as background.

Step-18: You can also set a picture as the background in the logo.

Step-19: Now if we want to save the created logo, then click on the last option.

Step-20: Now click on Add logo

Step-21: The logo created in it can be saved in the draft.

Step-22: And the created logo can be downloaded in jPG.

Step-23: And can also download as PNG.

Step-24: We can also see the Reveiw of the logo which we have designed.

In this way we can easily create the logo of our blog, website, and youtube.

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