How to Download RC Book Online?

Due to the increasing number of vehicles, the Ministry of Vehicle Transport has started online services. With the help of these services, you can do many vehicle related work online. In today’s article, we will learn about one such online service. The name of this service is RC book online download. How to download RC book online in the article has been explained in detail and step by step.

If you do not have RC book then you can download it online. This downloaded rc book will be considered valid and you can use it for any type of proof.

Benefits of Download RC Book Online

1. If your rc book has not been received yet, then you can avoid the fine by downloading it online.

2. If your rc book is lost then there can be big trouble, in such a time you can Download RC Book Online and follow the traffic rules.

3. To Download Online RC Book, you do not need to go anywhere and there is no need to stand in line anywhere. You can do this work comfortably sitting at home on your phone or computer.

4. Now there is no need to carry the copy of rc book in pocket. The RC Book Download in the phone will be considered valid.

Important things to Download RC Book Online.

1. It is necessary to have internet data in phone or computer.

2. You must have the registered mobile number in the Aadhaar card.

3. While showing rc book to traffic police, it is necessary that your internet connection should be started.

How to Download RC Book Online?

There are 2 options to do this work. Both the options can be done over the phone. You can Download RC Book Online from any one option.

RC Book Download in both the ways will be considered valid and no traffic police will be able to refuse it.

1. How to Download RC Book Online from DigiLocker App?

Digilocker This is an online document saving app. With this app, you can view many documents online, download them or upload your documents and save them on the server.

Step-1: First of all Download DigiLocker App on your smartphone and register in the app.

Download DigiLocker for Android

Download DigiLocker for iOS

Step-2: After logging in, tap on the issued documents and click on the Search Button from the lower section of the screen.

Step-3: Now find the option of Motor Vehicle Department from the list shown and select the ministry of your state.

Step-4: Now tap on the option of Registration of Vehicle.

Step-5: Enter your Father’s Name, Vehicle Number, and Vehicle Chassis Number correctly in the new form that has opened.

Step-6: Tick on Accept the consent and then press the Get Document button.

Step-7: On the next screen you will be shown on the screen to Download RC Book Online.

You can now download the shown RC Book in PDF file and also save it in Digi Locker.

2. How to Download RC Book from UMANG App?

You can do this work from your phone. For this you need UMANG App. This app has been made for government schemes, government services and their information and has proved to be a good option.

Step-1: First of all Download UMANG App on your phone.

Download UMANG App for Android

Download UMANG App for iOS

Step-2: Now Log in to the app with your Aadhar Number and OTP.

Step-3: Now tap on the All Services tab from the home screen of the App.

Step-4: Now choose the option of vehicle Transport from the opened screen.

Step-5: Now select the option of RC Book Download and tap on view RC book from Digi locker.

Step-6: Set the Login of DigiLocker with Aadhaar Card and OTP.

Step-7: Press the Allow button to allow the UMANG app to access the documents in the digi locker.

Step-8: On the Next Screen you will See the RC book saved in Digi locker app.

Now you can Download this RC Book in PDF File and save it in your phone.

Conclusion:- You can Download the Vehicle Registration Certificate ie RC Book Online. This work can be done through Digi locker and UMANG App. In this guide of RC Book Online Download, both these options have been explained in detail. If you have any kind of problem or question, then do tell us in the comment below.


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