How to Change Photo in Aadhar Card

How to Change Photo in Aadhar Card – Friends, as you would know that if there is anything that is the most convincing proof of identity of any person in India, then it is Aadhar card, and it is not only for identification, but there are many other things that need to be done by Aadhar card. And this is a very important document for us.

Your biometric data and some identity related information are kept in the Aadhar card. Which is made for your identity, using which you can work with your lot. You can update your mobile number in your aadhar card, change your aadhar card address.

And apart from all these things, do you know that you can also change your photo in Aadhar card (Change Aadhaar Photo)? Yes, if you do not have a good photo in your Aadhar card, then you can change your photo also.

Today we are going to tell you that how you can change your photo in your Aadhar card, so let’s know how to change or update photo in Aadhar card.

How to Change Photo in Aadhar Card (Change Aadhaar Photo)?

Right now the facility to change photo in Aadhar card has not been done online, you will get only online form, by filling it, you will have to give this form at your nearest Aadhar card center or bank where Aadhar card work is done. To change your photo in Aadhar card, follow the steps given below, and change photo in your Aadhar card.

Step 1:- First you have to download the enrollment form from the official website of UIDAI or you can download direct from here-

Step 2:- Now after downloading the form, fill it up carefully, fill what has been asked in the form correctly.

Step 3:- Now when you fill the form completely, after that you have to give the form to the executive at your nearest Aadhar center and provide your biometric details.

Step 4:- The executive will take your new photo and apart from this you will get Rs. 25+ GST ​​will have to be paid.

Step 5:- After giving the form to the executive, you will get an acknowledgment, which will contain the URN number. With the help of URN number, you can check the update status online.

You can download your new aadhar card online from UIDAI website after aadhar card is updated, it may take 15-30 time for your aadhar card to be updated.

So now you will understand that if you do not like your photo in your Aadhar card, then how can you get it changed (how to Change Aadhaar Photo).


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