Top5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android and iPhone

Top 5 Best Photo Editing Apps Android and iPhone: There are three types of photo editors on Android. There are some that try to rival desktop photo editors in power like Adobe LightRoom CC. The other type is a lightweight editor like Snapseed that does the basics and tries to do the work for you. Finally, we have Social Media Filters Photo Editor that don’t do much but add some fun effects. All three of those options are enough to make one’s head spin so we’ve put together a list of the best photo editors for Android.

Top 5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android and iPhone:

In today’s time mobile photography is more in trend, everyone is clicking photos from mobile, even many professional photographers also believe in mobile photography. After taking the photo, edit it in the phone itself and upload it on social media. You can take the mobile anywhere. And today’s phones have come with very modern camera hardware.
After clicking the photo, editing application is needed to edit it. In this article, we will tell you 5 best photo editing apps and best photo editor apps for Android and iPhone. Where will you get that app and what is its special thing, we will tell you all this in this article.

Top5 Best Photo Editing Apps

1. Adobe Photoshop Express:Photo Editor Collage Maker

This app has around 100,000,000+ downloads and is the mobile version of Photoshop. Through this app you can edit photos in many ways. And after editing the photo will be saved in your mobile gallery. This app is good because it does not spoil the color of the photo when editing it like other apps. Rather the color they are seeing in the photo.

Top Feature of Adobe Photoshop Express:-

  • Perspective correction
  • Background blur
  • Border and text
  • Make a collage
  • Color correction
  • RAW photo editing and much more.

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2.Adobe Lightroom – Photo Editor

After Adobe Photoshop, this app of Adobe Lightroom has also been installed by about 50,000,000+ people. It will run on Android 5.0 or above to run. In this app also you can edit formats like RAW, JPEG.

Features like CLARITY, TEXTURE and DEHAZE make this app great and it is also very easy to use. Lightroom helps you make your photos more beautiful. In this app you also get tutorials, so that you can improve photo editing.

Top Feature of Adobe Lightroom – Photo Editor:-

  • Oganize photos
  • In making pro camera
  • Decreasing
  • Color mixer
  • Make multiple photos
  • Editing Presets.

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3.Photo Editor Pro

This app has been installed over 10,000,000+ times and you can run it above Android 4.3. This app is for those people who don’t know much editing and like to edit their photo using presets. With this app you can directly upload on social media sites.

Photo Editor Pro is a very good editor. It’s a new style editor with tons of effects like filters, stickers, and more. The app has all these effects in a store-style layout and you can pick and choose the ones you want to download.

Top Feature of Photo Editor Pro:-

  • This app has professional glitch effect
  • Fish eye effect
  • Photo blur effect
  • Photo blending
  • Commercial effects such as light leaks
  • Body touch-up
  • You can make your photo attractive by using many other features like collage maker.

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4.PicsArt Photo Editor: Pic, Video & Collage Maker

PicsArt has been around for a very long time and has accumulated over 250 million downloads so far. Thankfully, the developers have done a decent job updating the app to keep it modern. You’ll find light editing tools as well as a lot of the usual stuff including filters, text, stickers, and collages. It boasts over 100 editing tools as well as a community of creative people to share stuff with.

You can use this app to create animated gifs and even draw stuff on your photos. It is a strong option with a lot of features. There are many other photo tools by PicsArt as well.

Top Feature of PicsArt Photo Editor: Pic, Video & Collage Maker:-

  • Remixing photos and colors
  • Chat with friends in which you can show edited photo to friends.
  • Drawing and sketching
  • You can also participate in this app contest in which thousands of photos are uploaded.
  • You can show your talent

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Snapseed is definitely one of the best photo editor apps. Google bought it a few years ago. The app has evolved into a very powerful photo editor in this space. It has support for RAW photos, which photographers will love. You can also tune the image using a variety of sliders and one-touch enhance tools. If you’re into that there are some filters too. It’s deceptively light and simple for how powerful it is.

This app is also one of the rare free photo editor apps with no ads or in-app purchases. This is what we recommend first, followed by Adobe apps and then everything else. However, this app also hasn’t had any updates since 2018, so we’re not sure if it’s in active development anymore.

Top Feature of Snapseed:-

  • Tune image
  • Perspective adjustment
  • WB White Balance
  • Glam glow
  • Tonal contrast
  • Facial growth
  • Double exposure etc.

📲 Play Store App :- Download

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Conclusion: So here were some of our favorite Top5 best photo editing apps for Android and iPhone. All these apps will run on Android and iPhone. Some apps are free and some are paid, so download your favorite app. If you liked this article, then do share it. You can always ask any question you have in the comments. If you have any suggestion then definitely write us in the comment below.


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