What is Roposo App | How to Earn Money From Roposo App

How to Earn Money From Roposo App – Roposo App is India’s favorite favorite short video and image sharing app, which has been downloaded and installed by 50 million users so far, in this you get a lot of features, due to which this app is being liked by the people very much! In this, you can also earn money from your Android mobile sitting at home through this app!

Roposo App is a short video and image sharing app, it supports 10 languages ​​which support from Hindi to Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Malayalam, Odia and Assamese languages. We can save by sharing status, fun-video, chat, and we can also earn money from Roposo app. Through this app we can also share videos and images.

How to Download and Install Roposo App

There is a very easy process to download and install Roposo App in Roposo App Kya Hai, which you can download and install by searching Roposo App by going to playstore or you can download and install by clicking on the link given below.

How to Create Account in Roposo App

Roposo App Kya Hai – To create an account in Rosopo App, follow the steps given below:

Step-1: First of all you install this app by clicking on the link! ROPOSO APP

Step-1: Select Language: After installing, open it in your mobile and select your language

Step-1: Mobile Number: After selecting the language, you will have a new page open in which you have to fill your mobile number!

Step-1: OTP : After filling the mobile number in Roposo App Kya Hai, now OTP will come on your number, fill it!

Step-1: Create Account : After filling the OTP a new page will open where you have to fill your details to create your account like your full name, age and gender in this if you are boy then mail and girl if you are female Or if you do not fall in either of the two categories, then you select the other and then click on the Signup given below!

Now your account has been created in Roposo App Kya Hai In Hindi, after that it will open directly on the home page and you are on the home page of your Roposo App! As soon as we come to the home screen, we will get to see the videos of all the users and you can like, share and comment any video you like, and you can also download the video and follow that user!

Roposo App Features list

In Roposo App Kya Hai In Hindi, as soon as we come to the home screen, we get to see many features like:

1. Send Gift Icon: A gift icon has been made here, in this, the user’s video you like, you can send whatever gift you select as a gift, here they get coins for every gift and All those users can collect that coins and transfer them as cash in their Paytm!

2. Collab Icon: There is a Collab icon on the homepage, by clicking on which you can use the music used by any user for yourself!

3. Follow: We have made the icon of Follow on the homescreen, if you like the videos of any user, then you can follow that user by clicking on that follow icon!

4. Download: In this download section, you can download any user’s video by clicking on the download option!

5. Whatsup Icon: If you like the video, then you can also make that video status of whatsup or send it to someone in your friend list!

6. Camera Icon : Roposo App Kya Hai You can make your own video by clicking here!

7. Remote Icon: On clicking here, you have been given 25 types of channel list, which you can watch videos of any channel as per your wish, by clicking on the remote icon, we get some important features:

By clicking on the remote icon, we get some important features:

Roposo Channel: Here are the list of 25 types of channels like: Gabru, Captured, News, Filmistaan, Bhakti, HaHa TV, Sports TV, Hunry TV, Soulful Quotes, Daily Wishes, Digi, Beats, Covid-19, Wow TV, Fashion Quotient, Look Good Feel Good, Creative Space, Celebrations, Rangoli, Singing Stars, Punjabi way, Politics, Roposo Stars

Trending Tags: After clicking on the remote option, the option of trending tags is available from where you can know which type of video is trending right now like:

Profile: Here you can see all the things related to your profile, you can change your display picture, you can also share your profile with your friends and how many followers and how many points you have collected. is,

Notification: In this section you get all the notifications related to all the videos!

Chat: Here you can also chat with any user!

Settings: In the setting option, you can make all kinds of settings related to your profile, invite your friends, change the language, you can also set up accounts.

How to Earn Money with Roposo App

• In Roposo App Kya hai In Hindi you can easily earn money in this app.

• To earn from this app, first of all you have to create an ID of yours in this app!

• On clicking in the setting in Roposo App, on clicking on Roposo Coins, you get all kinds of information about how you can earn from this app!

• Roposo App Kya Hai You can earn by making your own videos!

• To earn from Rosopo App, you get 1000 coins gift by sharing your profile with friends!

• You make 2-3 videos daily and share it with your friends, the more your videos are seen, the more your coins will be accumulated!

• You share your profile and also share the video with your friends on Facebook, Whatsapp and Pinterest, whenever someone installs you through your referral link, you still get money!

• You can transfer it to your Paytm if you have minimum 5000 coins!

• The more videos you make and share with your friends or on social media, the more your earning becomes more.

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