Where Does the Deleted File Go, How to recover data?

How to recover data – People who use computer or laptop have to delete some data from time to time so that there is no shortage of space in their computer. Whenever it seems that the space of the device is getting full, then we delete the data from the computer. When the computer’s data is deleted, we think that it has been removed from the computer and now we cannot get it back. But you do not know where that data goes after it is deleted and how it can be brought back.

How to delete file from computer

We delete a file from the computer in two ways, one way is that we select a file and press the Delete button on the keyboard. This will delete your file and go to the Recycle Bin. But from here you will be able to restore it again, then there is no use of deleting it because it is still taking up the same amount of space.

Now another way to delete a file is to delete it Permanently. To Permanently Delete a file, you have to select that file and press Ctrl+Shift+Delete and enter. In this way your file will be completely deleted and you will not even find it in the recycle bin. Now even if a file is present in the Recycle Bin, you can delete it completely by going to the Recycle bin. After that it will be removed from your computer to some extent.

How to get back a deleted file

If you have just deleted a file then you can easily bring it back but if you have deleted it permanently then you will have to use Recovery Software to bring it back. There are many software available to do data recovery, you can use any software, everyone has different options. EaseUS Data Recovery / Recuva / iCare Data Recovery / Power Data Recovery / Wondershare Data Recovery / Stellar Data Recovery

How To Recover Only Deleted Files

If you just deleted a file, then it is still present on your computer. To recover it, you first go to the Recycle bin of your computer and find the file that you deleted. You will easily find that file here. After that right click on that file and click on Restore. Your file will be back in the place where you deleted it.

How to Recover Permanently Deleted File

Recovering Permanently Deleted file is a bit tedious because in this you have to take help of Recover software. In this, you cannot bring back your file with the help of any computer setting. You will have to take help of some software or the other. If you already know any software then you can use it. If you do not know then you can use Test disc or Recuva software. Both these software help you to get back the Permanently Deleted file. In this article, we will tell you how to recover files from Recuva.

How to recover file from software

To recover files from Recuva/EaseUS Data Recovery, you will first have to download Recuva Software from the Internet. After this you install EaseUS Data Recovery or Recuva Software. After installing it, you have to select the location from which location you deleted the data which you want to recover. After this you also have to select the type of file. Like photos, music, videos etc. Just after that click on scan and within few seconds you will get your data. You can recover whatever file you want from here.

Whenever you delete a file in the computer, it is never completely deleted. She always lives somewhere. To get it back, you must use some software in your computer. After that you can get back that deleted file. Apart from this, if you have just been deleted, then there is nothing to be afraid of. Then you can easily find that file.

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