How to put the right photos in social media

How to put the right photos in social media – Social media is such a playtform where every small to big user uses it and wants to do it because this is such a playtform where no smart user can live without using it and we use it for this. Because in this we get to do many types of activities, like with the help of our post, we can share many things and many types of photos and the goal of posting any content and photos is that it is as much as possible.

But all social media platforms like facebook, twitter and google have their own technology aspects, which have to be kept in shape by keeping their pictures in shape, only then you can attract any of your users for the post. Everyone must have seen many times that the photos in the post posted on google, facebook or twitter are mostly not able to come in the same way that you have seen on any other post, but today we are going to tell you the same in this post. How can you use your right photos on any social website.

1. Correct picture size for Facebook
• Whenever you create your new profile, first of all you have to put your profile pictures, whose size should be kept minimum 180X180 px.

• Cover pictures be your personal profile or public facebook page, this is the most important pixel of your brand, its size should also be minimum 851X315 px and for this there are buttons and links on cover pictures so that you can fix the size of your cover photo. can.

• The photo shared by the post is mostly used by the users because it can be a part of any type of your article, then due to not having the right measurement, this photo will go to your newsfeed, so it will be cut off. To avoid this, you should keep the size of photos from 1200X900 to 1200X1200.

• This is for those people who put features image on their website or blog, which should be very clean and accurate, which we also call link image, so you should keep this size 600X315 px for the correct image of your website.

2. Correct picture size for twitter
• It should be 1500X500 px size for cover pictures.
• It should be 400X400 px size for more profile pictures.
• And the size of the twittered photo is 440X220 px.

3. Correct picture size for Google
• For cover photo this size is 080X608 px in this a blurry photos are automatically added to the left site.
• The profile pictures on it are circular but you can apply it in this 250X250 px size.

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