What is the Playit App | How to Use it

What is the Playit App – Playit is a Video and Music App. In this app, users can download both audio and video. Playit is a device that serves for users’ ears and eyes. The Playit app is one of the best HD video downloading apps in. This app can be used in Android mobile. As the Government of India has stopped the use of some proposals.

Playit has attracted a lot of users. But which country does the Playit App belong to? Scroll down to know about Playit App, because here we have told you the exact information of  Playit app which country.

It has features of HD Video player – All format player app. And this feature is an interesting feature of the app. The Playit app runs smoothly with most formats such as AVI, 3GP, TS, M4V, MP4, FLV, RMVB, MKV, WMV, MPG and MOV.

How to Download Playit App

>> Playit App download How to
To download playit you have to go to playstore

>> After that to search Playit from there

>> install button will appear. Download from there Or you can also download with the help of playit app download Link.

Latest Features of Playit App

Ai Subtitle translation: When you are watching any movie, subtitle comes in it and you want that subtitle to be in your own language like Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu can change it in any language.

Also, you can add subtitle of any movie by itself, there is a search button in it, if you search in it, you will show the result of all subtitle related to that movie in the Internet. Or you have already downloaded subtitle and then add it.

PIP feature: That is, any video plays in popup windows and together you can do more work. Whenever you play a video in this app, you get a popup windows icon. On clicking use, your video starts playing in a floating window and you can do other things with it.

Audio Player: Let us tell you that along with the video player, there is also a music player, as well as when you are playing a video, you have the feature of listening to that video as audio in the background.

Whichever video you are listening to audio, you can also download it in mp3 from there. You will not need any other mp3 converter or downloder.

Through this app, you can also watch online video, by clicking its search button, if you search any video, you will get all kinds of videos.

Browser Feature: You can also use this app as a browser, it has a search button, through it you can open any website of google.



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