What is TeamViewer | How to use TeamViewer in computer and mobile

What is TeamViewer – TeamViewer is a Remote Access Software, which is used to remotely control two computers, laptops or mobiles located far away from each other.

When you are able to control another device which is located away from one device, then you can also perform the functions of File Transfer, Web Conferencing, Online Gaming and Desktop Sharing etc. between those two devices.

How To Download TeamViewer Kaise Download Kare ( TeamViewer Kaise Download Kare)

Click here to download TeamViewer Download
When you click on Download, after that you will see options for different computer or mobile operating systems. So you can choose the option according to the operating system of your computer or mobile.
After the page is reloaded, you go a little down and click on ‘Download TeamViewer’. After download and install, you open it and keep in mind that TeamViewer needs to be downloaded and open in both computers.

How to Use TeamViewer (Computer To Computer) TeamViewer Kaise Chalaye 

If you want to run from one computer to another, then read the steps written below.

Open TeamViewer
After opening TeamViewer, you will see the ID and Password of TeamViewer, you write them down.

Enter the ID of TeamViewer
Now open the TeamViewer in the second computer and type the ID of the first computer’s TeamViewer in Partner ID.

Select option
If you want to control the entire computer, select Remote Control and if you want to take only a file, select File Transfer and click on Connect To Partner.

Click Log On
Now you will first be asked the password of Computer’s TeamViewer, you type its password and click on Log On. After clicking Log On, the screen of the first computer will appear on the second computer and you will be able to use it.

In this way, you can control the first computer very easily from the second computer. We also get some other features for Computer in TeamViewer, such as:

Audio call
Video call

How to Use TeamViewer Kaise Use Kare (Mobile To Mobile) TeamViewer Kaise Use Kare

Two types of applications of TeamViewer for Mobile have to be installed. If you want to control any other mobile from your mobile, then install ‘TeamViewer For Remote Control’ and ‘TeamViewer Quicksupport’ app in the mobile you want to control. You will find both applications on the Google Play Store and.

If you want to run from one mobile to another, then read the steps written below:

Open the TeamViewer App
Suppose you have first installed ‘TeamViewer For Remote Control’ in mobile and ‘TeamViewer Quicksupport’ app in second mobile. Now after opening the ‘TeamViewer For Remote Control’ App in the first mobile, you will be asked to write the partner’s ID which you will see in the other mobile.

Enter Partner ID
When you open ‘TeamViewer Quicksupport’ in another mobile, then you will see an ID in it, first write that ID in place of Partner’s ID in Mobile.

Click Remote Control
Now after typing the ID of the partner in Mobile first, click on Remote Control. When you click on Remote Control on the first mobile, then on the second mobile you will be asked for Allow Remote Support.

Click on allow
Now you click on Allow, after clicking Allow, you can run other mobiles very easily on your mobile.

Now if you want to run the first mobile from the second mobile, then you install the ‘TeamViewer For Remote Control’ App in the second mobile and the ‘TeamViewer Quicksupport’ App in the first mobile and follow all the steps mentioned above carefully. .

One thing you should always keep in mind is that it is important to be connected to the Internet on both your computers or mobiles. Without Internet Connection you will not be able to use this application.

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