What is AirDroid App | How To Use It

What is AirDroid App | How To Use It  – Airdroid App kya hai This is such an application, anyone’s photo and video of mobile can see any different mobile leg without knowing it.

By using this application, you can download Photo, Video, Gif, Apk, or Link from other mobile as well. This App works in the same manner as Mobile, Windows, Mac feet. You can run this application in any wake or even in your home. And through this application, you can run any other mobile even with your home.

You can run this application without any problem in your phone. Airdroid App does not take much data to use.You have 2 benifit to install Airdroid App, you can see your mobile feet in any Photo Video Etc. The app that is in someone’s mobile can also be controlled.

In this Airdroid App, you get the option of Saab method, which you have to allow after installing it. What would it be that you want to see your mobile legs, you can see.

Option is very simple, you can also download someone’s photo or video by looking at their mobile feet or they can also delete it. Suppose Whatsapp in any application in you, you can also read whatever chating application Facebook has in it.

What does the Airdroid App work ( AirDroid App Kaise Kam Karta Hai )

The problem of many people is that their secret video or photo video of the chat of the app is cheated by someone else. And you do not like all this. You want to delete it from his mobile so that he can cheat you again.

This Airdroid App kya hai is of your use or not. If someone is cheating on you with the help of his mobile and you feel bad about those things and cannot do anything. So this application is your requirement. Through this you, you can delete whatever photo is from his mobile with the help of your mobile.

Using this application, you can see the Whatsapp Facebook Etc of someone else. And what he has done Chating too, he can also read his mobile legs. Cable is not the same, you can read and delete it and can also do chating. You can also download and delete his photo video.

You can also smoke your mobile with it. This app may also have such a lot of plain information as anyone can read Massege and can also read his sister contact. And there are many other mobile files which are in it, you can see his photo Music Video Documents etc. You can download it and delete it as well.

This AirDroid App may also show you a file similar to Mobile. And by giving Gmail ID, you can keep some of your data or you can also use it for Backup.

How to find mobile with Airdroid App?

Some people may also be worried about such things that their mobile is lost, they do not know. So friends Airdroid App Kya hai you will know.

Step-1: Friends, whenever your mobile is lost, your mind does not work that the mobile is lost. So friends, through this app you can find your mobile.

Step-2:  After all, we do the GPS on our mobile, we turn it off. Because he goes and takes Charge, but friends, if you do not know what will happen to you, you do not know.

Step-3:  So whenever you use mobile, keep your GPS ON. You have to bring the Mobile ID you lost this May, which is to bring the Gmail ID and Password.

Step-4:  After that, by logging into the Airdroid App, you can Dhund your mobile with the help of GPS Map.

How to use Airdroid App ( AirDroid App Ka Istemal Kaise Kare )

Airdroid App kya hai how to use it. Let’s use all our Android phones. So in this application you will get to learn a lot. Let’s move ahead. Step By Step.

Step-1:  Friends, download the Airdroid application from your PlayStore and open it. After opening, you will find Airdroid App kya hai.

Step-2: So we open first, after this you will get the option of Sign in OR Sign UP, you have to choose the option of Sign UP.

Step-3:  After that you have to create a new Gmail ID.

  • 1 St You have to give any Gmail ID like you give mobile legs.
  • If the password is to be given, the sign will not be UP or any password of {PARU 1234} can be given.
  • You have to enter the password for the second time. After that, you have to sign UP of the name of the name of the wake of Nick Name.

Step-4: New Gmail ID Creat Sign UP After Your Email is not Verified For Account Security Please Verify your Emai. This Thanksgiving will come to you No Thanks. Security & Remote Features have to be Ok.

Step-5:  After that, something like Photos File Media will come from Airdroid. After that you will have 3 options below, you have to go to Me.

Step-6: After choosing Me, you will show Security & Remote Features on it, by clicking on it, you have to allow everything you want.

Step-7:  Allow you to sign in on any other mobile, you will be shown everything where the feet will be first signed up.


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