Astrosage App – How to create a birth chart | how to get a horoscope in mobile app

Astrosage App –  A birth chart is an astrology chart. In this, separate signs and planets are divided into 12 parts. The first house in the chart starts from the antecedent and the rest of the houses are counted in the opposite direction of the clock. These 12 houses of the chart define the position and astrological aspects of the person.

Marriage is a combination of two hearts, but before the union of two hearts in India, the birth horoscope of both of them must be reconciled. It is necessary to have a birth chart of both to match the birth chart, if neither of them has a birth chart, then you will have to get it done. But if you want, you can easily make the birth chart of any person sitting at home from your mobile phone, that too for free.

How to create a horoscope with mobile?

If you do not have a birth kundli or you are lost somewhere, then you have to get a new birth Kundali made. It also costs you money to make a new birth chart and in such a time if you want that you can make a horoscope sitting at home without any expense, then it is possible and quite easy.

➥ To get online Janm kundli first you have to go to the website

➥ Here a form will come in front of you, in which you will have to give your personal details such as your name, date of birth and other things.

➥ After this you have to click on submit button.

How To Get Birth Chart From Mobile App?

To create a horoscope with a mobile app, you will have to download a mobile app (AstroSage Kundli: Astrology). First of all install this app in your mobile and then open it.

➥ After opening the app, you have to select your language.

➥ After selecting the language, you will be asked to create an account here, if you want, you can leave this process.

➥ Now you will reach the homepage, here you will see a lot of options. You have to click on the horoscope option.

➥ After this, you will be asked information. You have to fill that information correctly.

➥ Then you will be asked if this is your birth chart, you have to click on yes and proceed.

After this, your horoscope will be ready. If you want, you can watch it as well as download it.

📲 Play Store App :- Download

Conclusion:- So in this way you can easily make your or anyone’s horoscope by sitting at your home. Your money will not be spent in making this and your work will also be done while sitting at home.


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