Moj App – How To Use Indian Short Video Moj App

Moj App – How To Upload Video on Moj App: Moj app is an Indian short video making app in which you can create your own fan following by making short videos and sharing them with the people. There are many videos for your entertainment on Moj, such as Dance video, Comedy video, Vlog video Food video, funny video

In today’s time, most people are using the Moj app. It is available for both Android and ios platforms. The feature of Moj app is exactly like Tiktok on which you can make short videos of 15 seconds. There are many video effects for making videos on the Moj app, using which you can make your video very attractive. But since the Tiktok app has been banned in India, the Moj app is being compared to Tiktok.

How to create an account on the Moj App (Moj App Par Account Kaise Banaye)

If you want to use the Moj app, then first you have to create an account on the Moj app. Because whatever video you upload on the Moj app is uploaded to your Moj account, it is very important to create an account. A mobile number is required to create an account on the Moj app. So let us show you step by step how to create an account on Moj.

First of all, download and open the Moj app.
Step-1: After opening the Moj app, select the language.
Step-2: Now you will go directly to the home page of the Moj app. Where many videos will be seen.
Step-3: Now on the home page of the Moj app, just click on the left side profile icon in the bottom corner.
Step-4: After that you click on the option of Create Account / Login.
Step-5: Now enter your mobile number and click on the proceed button.
Step-6: Now OTP will come on your mobile for verification, you should submit this OTP.
Step-7: Now your Moj account has been created.

How TO Use Moj App (Moj App Kaise Chalate Hai)

After creating an account on the Moj app, it is very easy to use it. When you open the Moj app, some videos are seen on the home page of the Moj app. After that, at the bottom of the screen you see some icon like home icon, search icon, + icon, bell icon, so let us elaborate on these icons.

Home icon – As soon as you open the Moj app, you go directly to the home page where you see many videos. On which you can like, share and comment.
Search icon – After that you get to see search icon. By clicking on it, you can directly search for any user or any creator by typing it.
+ Icon – After the search icon, you get to see the “+” icon on the screen, by clicking on it you can record your video to upload on the Moj app.
Bell icon – By clicking on this option, you can know all the activity happening on your video. Like who commented on your video, who liked your video.
Profile icon – Finally, you can see the profile icon from where you can manage your account. Apart from this, you can see your fan following, your personal detail, profile photo in your profile.

How To Create Video On Moj App (Moj Par Video Kaise Banaye)

Making videos on Moj is a very easy task. After creating an account on the Moj app, you can make a video on Moj. For this, Moj offers a lot of filters and effects to its users. Using which you can make your video look like a professional.

Now, step by step explains how to make a video on Moj:

➥ First of all open the Moj app and click on the + button you see below.
➥ After that, to add a song or dialog to your video, click on the option of Sound at the top.
➥ Now the playlist of music will be open in front of you, from here you can select your favorite songs, dialogs or you can choose songs from your mobile by clicking on My Sound.
➥ After that there are many options to see in the right side of your mobile screen such as flip, speed, beauty, filters, effects. You can add these effects to your video to make your video look attractive.
➥ Now it’s time to record video, you can make up to 15 second video by clicking on the video button here.
➥ After recording the video, you can add special effects to it and then publish it by putting Title and Hastag.

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