How To Add Home or Shop Location In Google Map

How to Add Place In Google Map: Your school, shop or office or you do business online. So, you can easily add its location to Google Map me. Also, you can upload your business website link, address photo and business card within Google Map Location.Mobile Phone Se How to Add Business Location Address to Google Map?

If you also want to reach your business to as many people as possible. So you Google Map me apne Business Ki Location Kaise Add Kare. Read this article carefully.

Want to update the location of Home Office Shop from Google Phone to Google map. So wherever you have to enter the shop, office address in Google Map Lociation. Have to go to that place.

So that the location in your google map address can be set correctly. How to add home office shop location to google map Follow the steps given below for more information.

How to add address in mobile map by mobile

Steps-1: To enter the home office shop location address in Google Map from mobile, first of all you have to turn on gps location and internet connection on your Android mobile phone.

Steps-2: After this, you should open your Google Map app.

Steps-3:After opening Google Map, click on gmail account profile icon and link your Gmail account to Google map.

How to add location address from mobile phone to google map?

Steps-4: After linking Gmail from Google map, we have to click on Contibute to add location.

Steps-5: You will get the option of Add A Missing Place, click on it.Google Map par Apna Address Kaise Dale.

Inside Add A Missing Place, we have to give the information given below.

➥ First set the location of your home shop in Google Map, later you will have to fill some basic information.

➥ After setting the address location, click on Add phone, hours, website, opening date or photo.

➥ By clicking on the hour, we can set the time of opening of our home Home Office Shop.

Contact: – By clicking on the contact, we can also place our mobile number in the Google location map address.

➥ Add Website Link: – If we have an online business. And we have also maintained his website. So in that case you can upload that by clicking on Add Website.

➥ Add Opening Date: – By clicking on Add Opening Date, we can show me the Google Map Location at the opening time of our Home Office Shop. And finally

Add Photo: – Add Your Shop/Home Photo (google map me location kaise add kare)

➥ After adding location to google map, we have to click on send button. And then Google reviews the location we entered. Which takes at least 24 hours. Sometimes this can be too much at this time. (How to Aprove Google Map Address Location)

➥ After Google Map Address Location Aprove, our address location starts appearing in Google Map.

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