How To Download Voter ID Card In PDF

According to the Election Commission, the e-Elector Photo Identity Card (Digital Voter ID) is a digital version of the Electoral Photo Identity Card and can be secured through means such as a digital locker. This digital voter card can be saved in Portable Document Format (PDF).

The Commission has stated that this facility (e-EPIC) has been introduced because it takes time to print the physical card and reach the voters. This initiative aims to deliver the document quickly and easily. Aadhaar card, PAN card and driving license are now available in digital mode.

The facility of downloading e-voter card just like AADHAAR card has started on the website of NVSP. Now you can download E Voter Card from your mobile or laptop at home and use it like Digital Voter ID Card.

E Voter ID Card or Digital Voter ID Card is the same. Which you can download in PDF format to your mobile, print it out, save it like any other document in your DigiLocker App and use it anywhere and anytime.

What is e-voter card or digital voter ID card?

E-voter card or digital voter ID card is also in PDF format like Aadhaar card, which you can keep safe in digital locker and also print it in digital format.

The e-voter card has a QR code which stores your photo and demography details digitally so it cannot be duplicated.

Requirment For Download Voter Card

-Your name should be in the voters list
– You have to add your mobile number and OTP verification with the voter card
– Old voter ID card user has to do e KYC
– In KYC you have to give mobile number and email id along with all your information

There are 3 ways to download E Voter Card

e-Voter Card or e-EPIC can be downloaded in three ways. Which is as follows.

1 from website
2 from the Voter Helpline Mobile App
3 from website

How to Download Digital Voter ID Card from website?

Step-1: First you need to go to the National Voter’s Service Portal by clicking on the button below.
Step-2: Next you have to login by clicking on the Login / Register button and entering the user ID and password.
Step-3: If you do not have a user ID and password, you can create a new account and log in by clicking Don’t have account, Register as a new user.
Step-4: . After logging in, a page labeled Welcome will open in front of you. In the menu below that you have to click on Download e-EPIC. As in the photo below.
Step-5: As soon as you click, a page of Download Electronic Copy of EPIC Card will open in front of you.
– Here you have to enter your EPIC number and under it select your state and click on Search button.
Step-6: Now you have to do e-KYC. To do eKYC you will need mobile number and email id as well as some documents. Only after E-KYC will you be able to download the digital voter card in pdf format on your mobile or laptop.

How to download E Voter Card from Voter Helpline app?

Step-1: First you need to install the Voter Helpline App in your phone by clicking the button below.
Step-2: Once installed, open the app and read the disclaimer, tick I Agree and click Next.
Next the login page will open in front of you. Here you have to enter your mobile number and password and click on LOGIN NOW button as in the photo below.
Note: If you are a new user then you have New User below? To create your account by clicking on.
Step-3: As soon as you log in, you will see something like this interface. Here you have to click on Download e-EPIC. As in the photo below.
Step-4: Next you have to search by entering the voter card number. As soon as you search, you will come across your voter card whose pdf file you have to download and save in your mobile or laptop.

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How to Download E Voter Card from

➥ Applicant must first register himself at
➥ After this you have to log on to
➥ EPIC number or form reference number must be entered after login.
➥ This will be followed by OTP on the registered mobile number, which has to be entered on the web portal.
➥ After this many options will appear on the website. Click on the Download e-EPIC option.
➥ Your digital voter ID will then be downloaded in PDF format.
➥ If you have any problem you can contact toll free number 1950.

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