How To Download/Update GB Whatsapp ?

How To Download/Update GB Whatsapp: GB WhatsApp app is a new version of the original WhatsApp itself, but the features you get in WhatsApp are more than that. So let’s know about GB WhatsApp Latest Version

By the way, its functions are similar to the original WhatsApp, but if you talk about the features, you will not find so many features in the original WhatsApp. The biggest reason for it being popular is its Best Feature “Status”.

It is also like WhatsApp by which you can send message to someone, send photo, audio-video, files, group chat, that is, we can say that all the mods of WhatsApp Communication are available in it But so many features make it different from Original WhatsApp.

How to Download GBWhatsApp?

The most used Mod APK of WhatsApp. In this, you get all the features of WhatsApp, in addition to that they can enjoy a lot of convenience. Follow the steps given below.

➥ First of all download the GB WhatsApp Mod APK from the link given below
➥ After downloading, click on Install and allow Unknown Source in your phone setting.
➥ After install is complete, open and enter your number
➥ After that you have to verify with OTP.

Now your GB WhatsApp is completely ready and now you can use all the features of Mod WhatsApp.

How To Update GB WHatsApp ?

There are three ways to update it, which we are going to tell you, you can update GB WhatsApp in any way you want, so let’s know.

POP Notification
You get updates in WhatsApp through POP Notification, if you get this POP Notification, then you can update it by clicking on it or download the new WhatsApp Version and install it. This is the easiest way.

Check Update
When the WhatsApp update comes or you think that the WhatsApp update has come, then you should go to GB WhatsApp Setting and check WhatsApp Update and then follow the given step to update your WhatsApp from there and update it.

GB Website Update
If you are not getting GB WhatsApp update even after using the above mentioned methods, then after visiting the website, install Lates Version from there and install it, where you will get the link to download GB WhatsApp Lates Version. . So this is how you can update it.

GB WhatsApp features

These features of GB WhatsApp are the features of New GBWhatsApp due to which users use it so much. Its features will not be found in your original WhatsApp. So let’s know in detail the features of GB WhatsApp

1. Hide Blue Tick: This allows you to hide blue tick, due to which, even after reading the message, the front person will not know that you have read his message. This feature will also be seen in the original WhatsApp, but if you use this feature in it, you will not be able to see the blue tick on the front.

2. Image Limit: In this, you can send 50 images simultaneously, while only 10 images can be sent simultaneously in the original WhatsApp.

3. Status Saver: In this WhatsApp, you can directly save the status of anyone’s posted information. For this you do not need any third-party application. You get this feature inbuilt.

4. App Theme: In this you will find many attractive themes including dark mode. You will not get this feature in Original WhatsApp.

5. Disable Last Seen: After installing GB WhatsApp, you can disable your WhatsApp last seen. And you can also see whatsapp last seen in front. In Original WhatsApp, if you do your last seen hide then you cannot see the last seen of others.6. Video Limit In this, you can send videos up to 30 MB at a time. In the original WhatsApp, you can only send videos up to 16MB.

7. Pin Lock: You can hide your WhatsApp chat by applying PIN. You will not get to see this feature in Normal WhatsApp.

8. Broadcast: In GB WhatsApp, you can make up to 600 contacts Broadcast, while in the original WhatsApp, its limit is only up to 200 contacts.

9. Set Auto Reply: You can also keep auto reply to your WhatsApp messages. So that whenever someone sends you a message, he will automatically reply to the message.

10. Different App Icon: In the new Jab Whatsapp (android apk download android), you can change the icon of the app and keep it to your liking.

Get GB WhatsApp: Click Here

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