How to Schedule Messages to Send Automatically

The friend whose birthday you forgot, the important message you were supposed to send to your boss, the anniversary you promise yourself you won’t forget every single year. We all have a list of things we find ourselves end up coming short on, but hey, we’re only human.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when the superiority of machines has to be acknowledged and submitted to, the Play Store has an amazing collection of apps that are designed to serve this need. The most notable among this collection has been listed below:

Do It Later

In addition to being able to handle text messages, ‘Do It Later’ is equipped to do things later on the following five platforms:
1) Gmail
2) Yahoo
3) Hotmail
4) Facebook
5) Twitter
Equipped with a sleek interface and a simple design, Do It Later is often touted to be the best among the sea of SMS scheduler apps in the Play Store.
All you have to do is type your message, designate a recipient, choose the date as well as the time at which you wish to send your message and save it. You have the option of assigning a repeat frequency and since the app also asks for your permission before it actually sends the message, you can cancel anytime you wish it.

Alpha Messaging

Alpha Messaging has another tool in its arsenal in addition to the ability to schedule messages. It has the ability to give canned responses to incoming calls and SMS messages.
You can also choose whether the Event (Scheduled messages are termed Events) is either date-based (one-time) or day-based (weekly). For weekly events, you may select multiple days of the week. But this means you have to settle for the same time for every day.

The canned response can be accessed in the ‘Quite’ Mode. Multiple responses can be created and saved with a title and a message as your active response to any call or message you receive.

Schedule SMS

What sets Schedule SMS apart is its ability to transcribe what making use of Google’s speech-to-text.

In addition to a crisp and clean interface, the app comes loaded with message templates used for a variety of special occasions. This app has no option available to repeat the messages more than once. The app is also hounded by ads that could appear even when a new scheduled message is being created.

SMS Planning

SMS Planning is an app which does exactly what it says it does and embodies that principle in every fiber of its being, the interface is so clean, it has no add-ons or frills.
All the messages that have been sent can be tracked and recorded along with information about whether it was sent, to whom and when it was sent.

The downside of this app is that the repeat frequency available in this app is very rigid where you can only schedule messages at intervals of 5/15/30 minutes or according to week/month/year. There is no option available to enter a custom number of minutes/days/weeks/months. This app recognizes the default SIM setting. However, if you wish to use the other SIM, the default SIM setting on the phone has to be changed.