How you can install Chrome extensions on Android?

No doubt, Google Chrome is the most popular browser. When coupled with Chrome Web Store, Google Chrome becomes unbeatable. You can get extensions of Google Chrome from Chrome Web Store. When you are using Google Chrome on the desktop, it is easy to install the extensions. However, the same cannot be said when you want to install the extensions in Google Chrome for the Android devices. Many people think it is not possible to install Chrome Extensions on Google Chrome that runs on Android devices. However, this is not true.

Today, I will tell you how you can install Chrome Extensions on your Android browser without rooting your device. You will just need to take help of different browser for having the add-on installation. However, it should be noted that apparently all the Chrome extension will not be supported due to the difference in how a desktop and mobile phone operates.

How can you install Chrome Extensions on Android?

Follow the steps given below to install Chrome extensions on your Android device.
Step 1: Open Google Play Store and download Yandex Browser. Install the browser on your phone.
Step 2: In the URL box of your new browser, open ‘’ by entering the same in the URL address.
Step 3: Look for the Chrome extension that you want and once you have it, tap on ‘Add to Chrome.’
The added Chrome extension will now be automatically added to the Yandex browser.

Know more about the Yandex Browser

Trusted by more than 50 million users, Yandex Browser is one of the most popular web browsers for Android smartphone. It was developed by Yandex which is a Russian web search cooperation. The base of the browser is the Chromium open source project. It is one of the few browsers that support Chrome extension even on the Android devices. Now that you know that, you should be using this browser whenever there is a need for using Chrome extension on your Android device.

Wrap Up

Please note that the adding Chrome extensions in web browsers of Android devices have its limitations. Yandex browser will not support all the Chrome extension. You can look for a similar extension which can be added to the browser to use the functions of it. With the help of Yandex browser, you can use Google Chrome extensions even on your Android device. Try it today and let us know if you have liked it.