How to Check Train Live Location

Live Train Status and Location – Friends, if you also want to know where my train is now, want to check the live location of the train and on which platform the train will arrive, then you will get complete information in this article. In this article, we are going to tell about some such apps and websites which tell the exact location of the train. Along with this, you will be taught how to check PNR status.

You all know that being late for a train is not a big deal in our country of India. Sometimes it becomes necessary to stop the train. If you are thinking of going somewhere and do not know whether the train is going to arrive or not, then you may have to face a lot of trouble. Earlier internet was not well available, so people have to face big problems.

But now a GPS device is installed in every train, with the help of which we get information about its location and whether it is available or not. That’s why many apps claim to show correct train information. But we are going to tell about some reliable apps from which you will get accurate information about the running status of the train. Let’s know about those apps.

How to Know Live Train Status (location)

There are many apps available to check live train running status or train location, but reliable methods include Where is My Train app, IRCTC (Ixigo) app, NTES app and website, Google search or maps and toll-free number 139. With these, you can get information about the exact location of your train.

In all these methods, what you have to do in the app or on the website is given below in detail. Along with this, a screenshot has also been attached so that it is easy for you to understand. Let us understand the easy methods one by one. After that, you can check the live location of the train by the method you like.

How to Check Train Live Location Via Website?

Step-1: Friends, first of all go to this website Click here to go to the website.

Step-2: Later click on Train status option. And enter the train name or train number there and click on GO. As shown in the screenshot below.

Step-3: Now train status can be checked in two ways 1. Train Name/ Number and 2. Enter the station name from where the train will go and click on check status.

Step-4: Now a new interface will appear in which you will see two options Track live status and book ticket.

Step-5: Friends, we have to know the live location of the train. So we will click on Track live status only.

Step-6: After that you will know how far the train has come. Which is the next station? etc. as shown in the screenshot below.

How to Check Train Live Location via ixigo App?

Friends ixigo, this App also works by GPS system only. From which you can easily see Train Live Location. How to know live location of train from ixigo app? Follow the steps given below.

Step-1: Install this application from Google Play Store and open it.

Step-2: After opening, select the language which you like better.

Step-3: Sign up with mobile number or email id.

Step-4: Allow the permission by entering OTP.

Step-5: After that allow Device Location.

Step-6: To check the train status, enter the station from where you want to go and click on the search button.

Step-7: After that many trains will appear in front of you, click on the train for which you want to check the live location.

Step-8: Then below you will see Running status written. After clicking on it, you will know the live location of the train. As shown in the below screenshot.

Step-9: Finally you will see his live location as shown in the below screenshot.

Find out Where the Train is From the Where is My Train App

First of all, we are telling you the method of knowing the location of the train from this app because neither one has to sign in nor one has to give his email or number. Using the app is also very easy. This is just an 11 MB app that can easily find the location of any train. Information is also available on whether the train will arrive or not, on which platform it will arrive. (App link)

Step-1: Download and install the Where is my Train app from the above link and open it.

Step-2: After this, choose in which language you want to use the app, then click on Submit.

Step-3: Now you will come to the home screen of the Where is my Train app. Here you can find trains running from one station to another. You can search the train by its name to see where it is now. In the last option, by entering the name of the station, you can find out how many trains are going to pass through that station.

Step-4: If you search for trains running on that route by entering two station names, you will see an interface like the one shown in the image below. You can also see when that train runs. After this, by clicking on the name of any one train, you can find out where it is now.

Step-5: If you search by train number or train name, then some such interface will be seen. Enter the name of the train and click on it.

Step-6: The location of the train from any option looks something like this. Here you can also know on which platform the train is coming.

Step-7: If you want to know how many trains are there in that route by searching the name of the station or place, then type the name of the station in the last box in the home screen of the app and search. Along with the details of the train, you will also know how late that train is.

Step-8: If you want to check the PNR status of the train, then you can check with the Where is my Train app. Click on PNR in the home interface of the app. After this enter your PNR number and click on Find PNR Status. After this, the details of PNR status will be shown on the screen.

How to See Live Train Location from Google

If you do not like the above method, then we tell you a better way, in which you will not even have to download any kind of app. Whose name is Google, yes, you can also know the live location of your train with the help of Google. It is very easy and reliable too. So let’s know how to find out from Google where is the train now.

Step-1: First open Google on your phone. Nowadays, Google’s app is pre-installed in all mobiles, but if you do not have it, then you can open Google from the browser as well.

Step-2: After that type Train Status or Train Location in the search bar / box and search it.

Step-3: Now you will get the option of train status above. You have to enter the name or number of the train in the box below it. After that you have to search.

Step-4: After this you will know where that train is now. Along with this, how late the train is, how many stations it has crossed and which station is going to come next will also be known.

Conclusion:- We have given you enough information related to knowing the live location of the train. We hope you have found out the live running status of your train. If you are facing any problem in knowing the location of the train, then you can tell us your problem in the comment section. We will try to solve your problem.

FAQ’s –  Related to How to Find Train Live Location

Which are the apps to see train location?
Here it has been told about Railyatri and Where is my Train App, from which you can see the running status of the train, and from these apps you get the accurate result.

How to know what time the train arrives?
To see this, after searching the train in the Where Is My Train app, click on it, after that you can see the arrival and departure time of the train.

How to Know Where is the Train?
You can use Railyatri App or website to see Train Live Location.

Can I see the Running Status of theTrain?
Yes, for this you can use the method mentioned in this article.

What is PNR Number in Railway?
This is the Passenger Name Record, whenever someone books his train ticket, he is also provided with the PNR Number, from the PNR Number the confirmation status of the ticket can be checked whether the ticket is in the waiting list or confirmed.

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