How to Measur Your Land With Apps

Land Measuring Apps: There are many applications on the Google Play Store. These also include farm measuring apps. If you want to measure your land, farm or plot, then these apps can be very useful for you. The name of the land in the government records is in hectares. Due to this, the farmer brothers are not able to assess their land properly. Like – how much seed will be planted in the land for the crop and how much it will cost.

The solution to this problem is this Land Measurement App. Through this you can easily measure your land in acres or decimals. All you have to do is walk around your farm. After this this app will tell you the total area of your farm. So let’s know about these best apps.

1. GPS Fields Area Measure

Measuring an area, distance and perimeter is very easy with this app. This free app helps people to measure their areas, mark their essential points and share their measured maps with others. This is the best and free app to measure area, distance and perimeter.

Features of this app –

  • Fast Area / Distance Measurement.
  • Smart marker mode feature for precise pin placement.
  • Name, save, group and edit the measure.
  • Facility of “Previous” button for all measurement functions.
  • Specific GPS tracking/auto measurement will be provided for walking/driving around the borders.
  • The app will allow you to send an auto-generated link to your pinned area, direction or route with your friends.

2. Area Calculator for Land

It is a very good App to Measure Area, Perimeter or Area Meter on Farm Map. Through this also land measurement can be made very easy.

Features of this app –

  • Latest GPS and place service facility is available for better measurement.
  • You can estimate the perimeter to calculate the area.
  • The outer edge detail is found between the selected markings on the screen.
  • Can estimate near distance and far distance with accuracy.
  • Land yield, measure area for farmer, calculate acreage on map
  • Realtime tracking and measurement facility will be available while moving around to measure the field.
  • It will get the measurement result on the map with fast and better accuracy.

3. Land Calculator

Land Calculator app is one of the best app for land measurement and survey. This app is very useful for field workers, farmers, engineers, GIS students. It can be used for all types of maps and land measurement.

Features of this app –

  • Get the land area and perimeter of any size plot of land.
  • Draw a region by drawing any figure on the map to get the area and perimeter.
  • Any size of land can be measured by this app.
  • Shows point to point distance with different maps.

4. Map Area Calculator

With this app you can now calculate your land on your phone within a second. Map Area Calculator app can help you to measure your land on your mobile. So for this you don’t need to go anywhere just download this app and know about the area of your land.

How to use the app?

  • Open the app and click around the map.
  • Draw the lines between the ground with the given marker.
  • The area so measured will then be shown on the map.

5. Area Calculator

Any land can also be measured in a simple way through the Area Calculator App. Install this app in your mobile and start measuring the land with the help of the given tool. There are many other features available in this app.

Features of this app –

  • Tap on the map and select the area.
  • Facility to add and remove a point in the map.
  • Calculation of area and measurement of perimeter.
  • Facility to re-check the saved measurements at any time.

So this was the 5 best land measuring apps that you can use. Keep in mind that the area of land measured by these apps cannot be used to match government records.

Conclusion:– Here is the information to Download Land Measurement App to measure your land. Now you will be able to measure the size of your land in acres or decimals. If you face any problem in this or have any question related to this, then you can ask in the comment box below. We will answer your questions very soon. Keep visiting this website for complete information related to Bhulekh and Bhu Naksha. Thank you !


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