How to Make Republic Day Poster From Your Photo

How to Make Republic Day Poster From Your Photo Hello friends, welcome to all of you on our website Friends, after the celebration of the new year, as the month of January comes to an end, then a different obsession arises in our mind regarding 26th January. Our mind gets immersed in patriotism. This day of 26 January is a day of celebration for the whole country. Friends, all of you will know that this time 74th Republic Day will be celebrated.

If you are thinking of something new to wish your friends on this Republic Day, then we have come up with the solution to your problem. In this post of ours today, we will teach you how to make a poster of 26 January with your photo. With which you can also share on your social media by putting your photo name and mobile number etc. in the Republic Day poster, so that you will get many likes. So let us teach you how to make Republic Day poster (Republic day poster kaise banaye) Must read the post till the last.

Which Republic Day will be celebrated on 26 January 2023?

The constitution of our country came into force on 26 January 1950 and that is why 26 January is celebrated as a national festival. It took 2 years, 11 months and 18 days to frame the constitution of the country. And then by implementing it on January 26, India was declared as a republic. Since then this day is celebrated as a national festival. This time on 26 January 2023, our country will celebrate 74th Republic Day. And on this day the Prime Minister of our country hoists the national flag tricolor at the Red Fort. And this festival is celebrated with great pomp all over the country.

How to Make Happy Republic Day Poster?

Friends, you must know that our country is called the country of festivals. There are two such festivals in this country of festivals which are celebrated as national festivals. These include Independence Day and Republic Day. And now on this 26 January 2023, we are going to celebrate 74th Republic Day as a national festival. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm in all government and private institutions on 26 January.

Nowadays, as the time is changing, the way of celebrating festivals is also changing. Nowadays, be it any festival, people make posters from their photos and put them on social media. If you also want to share your friends by making Republic Day Wishes Poster by putting your photo, name and mobile number etc., then you can also learn how to make poster through this post.

If you want to make a poster from your photo, then click on the download button given below and download the poster / banner of 26 January.👇

As soon as you click on this button, Republic day banner will be downloaded.

How to Make 26 January Poster from Your Photo?

To put a photo on 26 January banner, you have been given some steps below which you should follow:

Step-1: First of all Download Republic Day Poster / Banner by clicking on the download button given above.

Step-2: Now you will need a Photo Editing App. For this go to play store and install PicsArt App.

Step-3: PicsArt App is a very Good Photo Editing App. With which you can edit any type of photo.

Step-4: Now open the PicsArt app. As soon as you open it, a page will open in front of you, on which the ‘+’ Button will appear at the bottom, click on it.

Step-5: Now many options will appear in front of you, out of these Click on Edit a Photo.

Step-6: Now you will reach your phone’s gallery, from here you have to select the Republic day Banner that you downloaded above.

Step-7: Now that banner will appear in front of you.

Step-8: To add your photo, click on the option of Add Photo and select your photo.

Step-9: To remove the background of the photo, click on the option of Remove background.

Step-10: After removing the background of the photo, now your photo will become a png photo.

Step-11: Now set the photo in the banner instead of Any photo here.

Step-12: You can also put your mobile number and name etc. text below the photo.

Step-13: Now save it. To save, click on the button of arrow ➡️ and click on save, now your photo will be saved in the Gallery.

Step-14: Now you can share this Republic day poster with your friends or on social media.

Conclusion:- Hope friends, you must have learned easily how to make Republic Day Poster from your photo. You must have liked this post of ours. In this article of ours today, you must have got to learn something new and different. Once again hearty congratulations to all of you on 26 January Republic Day.


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