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Best Camera App: Friends, taking an attractive photo is not an easy task, we have to take a good photo keeping many things in mind, for this we have to a good smart phone, beauty flower background, and a good pose. Can take a great photo by going somewhere.

But it is not impossible to do anything in today’s world full of technology. Even if you do not have a background, a good camera, you can still take a great photo, for this you will have to take the help of Android Application.

Because no matter how much mega pixel camera you have, it cannot compete with 12 mega pixels of IPhone, because mega pixels do not matter, to take good photos, the software inside it is amazing in giving clarity to the photos.

Camera App Download

That’s why I am going to tell today about the photo-taking apps, by which you can get a lot of likes by taking photos according to your wish and sharing them on your social media platforms Facebook, Instagram.

If you are fond of taking Photos like DSLR Camera, then you can do this with the help of these apps and I will tell you about downloading many more photo taking apps.

1. Snapchat

All of you must have heard the name of Snapchat, it is a very popular social media app, which is very famous for taking photos from the bizarre, you can guess its popularity from the fact that all the top celebrities are there. And he is a sports athlete, he uses it.

If you check the bio of those celebrities on Instagram, they always write one thing, Follow me snapchat, then you can understand how popular this app is.

Snapchat is most popular because of its photo taking because in this you get to see many bizarre filters in which you can make your photo real time old, young, child and make your eyes bigger. And the features you get to see in this will hardly be in any other app.

In this, you can also click your photo and share it in the social media of this Snapchat and you can get many likes, it has been downloaded by 1 Billion users so far, which is about 100 crores.

How to Use Snapchat App?

Step-1: First of all Download Snapchat App from Play Store.

Step-2: After opening the App, click on the Sign up button.

Step-3: Now fill your First Name and Last Name and press the Accept button.

Step-4: Now submit your Date Of Birth and press the Continue button.

Step-5: Now enter your Password.

Step-6: Submit the Mobile Number after entering the password and press the Continue button.

Step-7: Now OTP will come on your mobile which will be automatically submitted.

After doing all this, you will be logged into Snapchat App and you will get to see the option of Camera, you can take photos from it.

Snapchat App Features-

  • Snap
  • Stories
  • Spotlight
  • Maps
  • Memories
  • Friendship Profile
  • Happy snapping
  • lenses
  • Calling
  • Games

2. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is a selfie camera app that makes photos beautiful and attractive through effects while taking selfies. Whenever you take your selfies, photos, Beauty Selfie and Facetune automatically manage these now and make your photos better and better. He shows it by making it.

In this, you can take a good photo and at the same time it is the best photo editing app, that means both your work will be done in the same app, that’s why you will get to see its size of 74 Mb.

The best feature in this is the real-time beauty effect, with the help of which whenever you click your photo, many effects will appear in front of you, click on the effect in which your photo looks more beautiful.

Youcam is also a popular application which is the choice of 100 million users and 20 million people have written reviews, what kind of app is this, if you want, you can download it from the link below.

YouCam Perfect App Features-

  • Skin Beautifying Effects
  • Beauty camera
  • Real-time Selfie
  • Photo Full Editing Tool Kit
  • Cutout & Object Remover
  • Luminous Face In Every Picture
  • Stylize Pic Share With Friends

3. Fabby – Photo Editor App

Friends, if you are fond of taking selfies, then Fabby App must be installed because you will get to see better selfies than what you would take with a normal camera, and this is a selfie camera app, but you can click photos from the back camera as well. Can do

In this you get the best features of Blur Background which makes your selfie quite unique and more attractive than before and you will get to see live filters which you can use based on your hobby.

In this, you do not get only this much features, but there are more, whose full bullet point I have given below. Fabby App was published on Playstore by Research At Google on 28 Feb 2017 and till now it has been downloaded by 5 million people.

Fabby App Features-

  • Hair color
  • Makeup
  • Digital beautification
  • AI Powered
  • Limitless Design Content
  • Blur effects
  • Much more.

4. B612 – Free Selfie Camera

If you are looking for beautiful photo capturing apps and you have not yet downloaded B612 App, then download it today because in this you will get a lot of features to capture photos.

It has been liked a lot by the people of India, that is why it has been downloaded by people more than 500 million times and 7 million reviews have also been written, from this you can guess how popular and amazing this app is.

If you want to make your photo beautiful through this app, then you can use Filters, you will get many filters and there is also an option of trending filter, which tells which filter is being used by the most people right now. Is

As such, it has all the features, which I will give a complete list, but Smart Camera is very good because in this you can capture real time photos and remember the wonderful moments of your day.

B612 – Free Selfie Camera Features

  • Beauty & Makeup Effects
  • Free Trending Stickers, Templates, Layouts
  • Smarter CAMERA
  • Trendy filters
  • AR makeup
  • Smart beauty
  • GIF Create
  • Video shooting
  • Advanced Color Editing
  • Natural portrait editing
  • Anyone can edit videos easily
  • And Etc.

5. Candy Camera

Candy Camera which automatically makes the photo beautiful and makes the photo clean and neat without makeup, in this you will also take a group selfie, then the look of everyone’s photo is going to be amazing.

In this, Natural Selfie Filter will be available to make your look even better, which you will be able to see in your camera in real time, not only this, body editing mode is also a great feature, which will automatically make your body shape slim.

Many functions like Beauty Functions, Filters for Selfie, Stickers, Silent Camera, Collage will be found, which tells that it is not only a photo clicking app but also an editing one.

Candy Camera App Features-

  • Filter Camera
  • Slimming
  • Whitening
  • Lipstick
  • Blush
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara

6. Sweet Snap – Beauty Selfie Camera

Friends, you must be feeling from the name that this is such an amazing app, its work is similar to its name, whenever you take a selfie, you will get to see a completely different type of photo, it makes you special, its unique type of stickers which are amazing. Of

Sweet Snap is more popular especially for those people who want to give a different look to their photos, means there are some stickers on their face, the use of emoji which makes them very different.

Sweet Snap is used by more than 100 million people all over the world and it is completely free which anyone can easily take and use from Play Store.

Sweet Snap App Feature

  • Snaplive Face Filters
  • Animal stickers
  • Emoji
  • Effects
  • Makeup Camera
  • Realtime Beauty Effects
  • GIF And Etc

7. Panorama 360 (Photo Khichne Wala Camera)

If your smart phone is of samsung, then you must be aware of Panorama features, people who do not know how Panorama 360 works, then I would like to tell them that you can capture 360° photos from this camera app.

And I would like to tell that in this app you can capture perfect 360° with accuracy as much as you can’t capture in any Samsung phone. You can definitely surprise him by showing his photo.

In this, you can capture 360° photo within a few seconds and after upgrading the captured photo, you can see it in 4K resolution, apart from this, you can connect 360° seamless camera with this app.

Panorama 360 App Features

  • 3D viewer or as flat images
  • Non-compass capture
  • Automatic storage in SD card
  • Photosphere integration
  • Teleport me directly
  • Direct upload to Instagram
  • Automatic geo-tagging

8. HD Camera For Android

Friends, if you also want to take Photos like DSLR, then it is possible with this Photo Khichne Wala Camera. Yes, friends, this app is very good and popular app. has been downloaded by

In this, you can take absolutely clear HD photos, in this you will not get any filters or editing options, but you will get the experience of taking absolutely real photos and there are 3 types of modes Panorama, Camera & Video Recorder.

HD Camera For Android Features-

  • HD Professional camera
  • HD Panorama
  • HD video recording
  • Amazing Filters
  • Power Full Photo Editor
  • Pinch to zoom
  • Countdown timer
  • Dynamic User Interface

9. Cymera – Photo Editor Collage

Cymera is a Beauty Camera app, it allows you to see very beautiful Pic on taking photos because it has AI Baser feature, which gives very attractive and Beauty photos on taking photos.

Cymera Photo Editor is absolutely Free Camera App for Android & iOS Users and despite being free, it has so many Premium Features which are not possible to get in any Paid App.

Although there are some such features in this, for which you have to pay premium fee, but in this all the features of our work are available absolutely free, so we do not need to pay any premium fee.

Cymera App Features

  • Real-time Selfie Filters
  • Crop tool for YouTube Thumbnail
  • DSLR Blur Effects
  • Lights and Fireworks effects
  • Text tool for photo-cards
  • Selfie filter & beauty makeup tool
  • Collage Maker & Poster tool
  • Add Beautiful Smile

10. Beauty Sweet Plus – Beauty Cam

Beauty Sweet Camera captures the best selfie photos and also works as a very good selfie editor, in this you get to see so many Professonal Editing Tools and various effects are also available.

It is the new way to take sweet selfie with Real Time Filters and Face Stickers. In this you get to see amazing and colorful filters for daily selfie. It gives powerful setting to take photo anywhere anytime.

One of the best features is seen in this, which is called One Tap Beauty Editing, in which you only have to turn on this setting and your picture becomes very beautiful looking.

Beauty Sweet Plus Features

  • Photo stickers
  • Beauty camera
  • Makeup camera
  • Selfie sweet easy
  • Facetune
  • Selfie photo editor
  • Sweet selfie, smooth skin
  • Teeth whitening

11. Open Camera

Friends, if you are looking for an application that can only capture photos like in our smartphone, then you can use this app, in this you can only capture photos and save the photos in the gallery.

We need such an app only when the camera of our phone is not working or if there is any problem in the camera app of the mobile, otherwise there is no problem in taking photos from the camera app of the mobile.

You will get to see all the features in this app which are in the camera of a mobile phone like Zoom, Flash, Videography, Photo Mode, Selfie Camera Change, all these features will be seen.

Open Camera App Features-

  • Open Camera is a free app
  • Auto-level so your pictures
  • Support for scene modes
  • Color effects
  • White balance
  • Screen flash
  • HD video and more

12. Bloom Camera

Bloom Camera uses Facial Recognition to help users capture the perfect selfie and photo with fun Stickers, Gifs and Filters so that you don’t have any trouble taking a photo and the photo you take is an amazing photo.

You can use watermark features to edit your personal photos and create Gifs for social sharing that will make you shine and be popular on Instagram whether you are capturing photos for family or friends.

In this, we get to see a lot of Real Time Sticker Camera, when we take a photo by applying Sticker Effect, then we can apply any face or animal sticker.

Bloom Camera App Features

  • Snappy Photo Stickers
  • Share Your Personal Meme GIFs
  • Charming Makeup Looks
  • Perfectly Retouch Makeup
  • Record Moment with Time and Location Watermark
  • Intuitive Photo Editor for Quick yet Professional Edits

13. PhotoDirector

Photo Director also does the work of taking a wonderful photo in itself, if you want, you can take Cartoonist photo from it and anyway, making your photo Cartoonist has become a trend in today’s time.

In this, we get to see Power Full AI & Creative Tools, by which any photo becomes a wonderful Animate Picture and you would definitely like that your photo also looks like Cartoon Animate.

Friends, this question must have been coming in your mind that does it really work to take good photos, then I would like to tell you that this is not such an app, but it is an Authority app, which people are talking about these days.

PowerDirector App Features-

  • Incredible Photo Animation Tools
  • Object Removal tools
  • Style Effects
  • Creative Editing Tools
  • Face shaper
  • Pic collage maker
  • Blur Photo Editor
  • Highlights and shadows


Which app takes good photos?
The best photos come out when photos are taken with the B612 and Snapchat app.

How to download Beauty Camera?
You can download Beauty Camera from Play Store.

What is camera called in Hindi?
Camera is called Chitra Janak Yantra in Hindi.

Conclusion:- So friends, today I have given you information about some of the best photo editing apps, if you like this article, then share it with your friends and if you have any questions, feel free to comment and we will definitely answer your questions. Take Care for Tak


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