How to Make Video Status of Your Photo

You must have seen that nowadays status is trending in Facebook & Whatsapp, people write status but along with it the era of video status has also come, people download many types of status on social media sites like whatsapp or facebook. let’s upload

You can also attract others with this trick by creating the WhatsApp Video Status of many of your photo collection in this way and uploading them on social media, it means that by not downloading the status video in this way, make the status of your own photo.

If you use mobile then definitely know this method and make status of many of your photos and also share on your WhatsApp.

Today’s post, through this post, we will know the same methods that how we can make photo status on our mobile, for this I will tell you a very simple way, just with the help of a status making app you can create.

If you want, you can add any sad song, romantic song to it or add any kind of songs to it, you can add as many photos as you want and you can add many types of animation effects to that video and make it a professional status video.

How to Make Video Status of Your Photo

Step-1: For this, first you have to download an application on your mobile, the name of this application is MV MASTER.

Step-2: You can also download this application with the help of direct play store from the link given below.

Get on Google Play

Step-3: After downloading this application, install it and open it when it is fully operational.

Step-4: When you open it, you will see that the design is given to make many types of status on it, out of which you can select any theme of your choice.

Step-5: After selecting, the option of start making was given at the bottom, click on it.

Step-6: By clicking on it, the gallery of your mobile will open, select the image of the image you want to make status in that gallery and after selecting it click on done.

Step-7: After clicking on Done, there will be some processing time.

Step-8: You will get some more options below it like if you want to change the song given in it, you want to write some poetry on it and want to give some design, in this way you will get options.

Step-9: If you want to change the music, then change its music by clicking on the music and then save it in the last, in this way your photo status is created on mobile.

Conclusion:- You can make video status of as many photos as you want on your mobile, the way to make video status from mobile is very easy, with the help of this app you can create status very easily.

This is a very good app for making Whatsapp status because a lot of themes have been given on it, you can create in which design you want to make. apna video status kaise banaye Make sure to make video status with this information.

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