What is QR Code || How to make from mobile

What is QR Code || How to make from mobile: You must have heard and seen about QR code, but do you know what is this QR code, who invented it, how to make QR code, what are its uses, so in today’s In the article we are going to tell.

When we do online transaction or payment from mobile or whenever we buy something, this code is always there in its packet, then there is interest to know about it. Along with this, we will also tell you how to scan QR code from mobile.

What is QR Code || How to make from mobile

A QR code is a pattern in which the information of a product is hidden. Scanning it reveals the hidden information in it. Along with this, any specific text, URL or mobile number can also be hidden in the QR code. The full form of QR Code is “Quick Response Code”. The purpose of creating this was to develop a code that could not be read by the normal eye.

Simply put, it is an upgraded version of the barcode. It is shaped like a square box. It was first developed in Japan. Its specialty is that more information can be kept in it than the barcode. Also computer or any QR code scanner can understand it easily.

Who invented QR Code

QR codes were first used in 1994 by Toyota Group’s “Denso-Wave” subsidiary, a Japanese company. That’s why he is known as the inventor of QR code.

Actually QR code was created to track different parts of that company, but when people came to know about it its usefulness started increasing. And today it is being used in almost all companies.

Uses of QR Code

Due to the advantages of QR code, it is being used in many fields. Only 30 numbers can be hidden in BAR code but 7089 numbers can be stored in QR code. Due to its high storage capacity, large files and videos can also be stored in it. Let us know what are its uses and how important is it.

  • Step-1: Inside the QR code, we can enter the URL of a website, so that if someone scans it, he will be directly redirected to that website.
  • Step-2: We can use this as a business card in which our complete information has been given.
  • Step-3: QR Code In this we can link our location through Google Maps.
  • Step-4: In this we can add the link of any of our app so that people can use our app.
  • Step-5: In this, complete information can be given about any type of item or product, so that you can also promote your product.
  • Step-6: It can also be used to share messages.
  • Step-7: The QR code makes online payment easy, whereby the payer does not need to fill in all the information, just scan and the payment is done.
  • Step-8: We can also use it to log in to any site, no need to enter password again and again.
  • Step-9: Its usage is unlimited, you can make it as many times as you want.
  • Step-10: BAR code can be scanned from only one angle but you can scan QR code from any angle.

How to make QR Code

To create a QR code for any of your websites or anything, you need to visit the QR Code Maker website. With the help of this website, QR code of many things can be created. Below is how to create a QR code. There are many websites on the internet for this. It is very easy, anyone can make it.

  • Step-1: First of all you have to go to this website. Click on QR Code Generator
  • Step-2: This site will look something like this.
  • Step-3: Now if you want to generate QR code of any site, then enter its URL.
  • Step-4: As soon as you enter the URL, the QR code will be generated automatically.
  • Step-5: Now if you want, you can also download that QR code as an image.

Apart from this, you can also create text, vcard (contact), email, SMS, Wi-Fi, bitcoin, Twitter, Facebook page, PDF document, image or QR code of any song if you want. The specialty of this site is that you can create and download QR codes without signing up.

How to Scan QR Code

Currently, QR codes are being used the most for online payments. QR code scanner you will easily find in any UPI payment mobile application but only for making payments. If you want to find out the hidden information in a QR code, then another mobile app will be required for this.

I am going to tell you about an easy and secure QR code scanner. The name of this app is QR & Barcode Scanner, click on it and download it from play store. After that follow the steps given below.

📲 Play Store App :- Download

  • Step-1: Scanning started only after opening the app, which looks something like this.
  • Step-2: Now whatever QR code you want to scan, bring it near the camera.
  • Step-3: This app will scan and give information about it immediately.
  • Step-4: If you want, you can also do some setting.
  • Step-5: The entire history of whatever you scan will be saved.

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Conclusion: We have given you a lot of information about What is QR Code || How to make from mobile. Hope all of you have understood well what is QR Code. You can scan any QR code with the help of your smartphone. You also have to take some precautions while scanning the QR code. If there is a QR code that is not reliable or you think something is wrong, do not scan it. Some bad guys can harm you by sending malicious software to your phone via QR code.

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