What is IMEI Number? How to Find IMEI Number of Mobile?

The full form of IMEI is International Mobile Equipment Identity. The imei number of every mobile is different and unique. It is used to identify the mobile. Also used to track mobile in case of lost mobile.

If the mobile is lost, then we can blacklist our mobile with the help of this imei number, after that any kind of call, sms, or internet will not work in our mobile, that is, the mobile becomes useless, no work remains. Is. Therefore, whoever gets our mobile, he will not be able to misuse the data of our mobile and our mobile will not be of any use to him.

Can mobile be hacked with IMEI number?

The answer is a bit complicated. Because our device can be tracked by IMEI number, which SIM card is in the device or SIM card numbers can be found.

Apart from this, clone of our mobile can also be made from this imei number, but all this is not so easy, because to do all this the hacker will need many more information which is difficult for him to get. Also, the hacker will also have to access the data of the telecom company whose SIM card is in that mobile, only then it is possible.

If you say in simple words then only IMEI Number no Mobile can be hacked.

How to know IMEI Number of your Mobile?

It is very easy to find out the imei number of your device, here we are telling you 2 ways, by which you can know the imei number of your mobile.

Know IMEI Number from USSD Code

You can find out your imei number by entering this code *#06# in your mobile’s dailer pad.

IMEI Number Tracker from App

On the Internet you will find many such Android apps, through which you can know the imei number of your device, for this you just have to install that app in your mobile.

Here the name of the app we are telling you about is KYM. You can download this app from play store.

Click here to download KYM App now.

After downloading this app, open it and allow whatever permissions you ask for. After that its homepage will open like this.

Here if you have 2 sim cards in your device, then both of them will come in front of you in this way, click on the sim card whose imei number you want to know. After that complete details of your device with imei number will appear in front of you.

Conclusion:- So friends, hope you have got complete information about imei and you must have come to know that what is IMEI number? What is the use, how to find IMEI number of your mobile? e.t.c. If you liked the information, then share it with your other friends as well.


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