How to get a Job from Kormo Jobs || Full details

How to get a Job from Kormo Jobs || Full details || How to get a job with Kormo Jobs? In today’s era everyone wants to know how to get a job. How to find a job?, or simply say, how to find a job?, Because unemployment has increased a lot in the present time. Be it a government job or a private job, everyone is very serious about the job in some form or the other. So in this post we have come up with the way to solve it for you.

How to get a job with Kormo Jobs

Friends, let us tell you in advance that by this process you can only get the list of jobs in your nearby area. Getting a job is based on your hard work.

Sometimes it happens that we are looking for jobs all over the world, but we don’t know that there are job advertisements around us also. Because all our hard work goes in running, we do not even know about our surroundings. For this, you just have to install Kormo Jobs App in your smartphone, so let’s know what is Kormo Jobs?

What is Kormo Jobs?

Krormo Jobs is a Mobile Application which helps you to find Job Requirements near your Location. The best part is that you can even save your CV here, the advantage is that when there is a suitable job for you, the company can study your information and get in touch with you.

Overall, Kormo Jobs is a job and career app that helps you a lot in your job search. It is currently serving in India, Indonesia and Bangladesh and is gradually trying to reach everywhere.

How to get a Job from Kormo Jobs || How does Kormo Jobs work?

Kormo Jobs is very easy to use. The use of this mobile app is absolutely free and everyone can use it for themselves. Let us understand how to use Kormo Jobs?

  • Step-1: You have to install Kormo Jobs from Google Play Store, click here.
  • Step-2: Click on Install button and wait.
  • Step-3: After Kormo Jobs App is installed, click on the Open button.
  • Step-4: On opening you have to proceed with Gmail.
  • Step-5: Now you will be asked the location where you want the job.
    (Note: You can also provide your location and click on None of the above to give your desired location.)

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  • Step-6: Now you can see how many jobs are open at this location, you will be able to see all the job information by clicking on different jobs.
    You are requested to set up your profile in Kormo Jobs such as your name, email, phone number, your CV, your education, job experience, your language etc.
  • Step-7: You have to click on any one of the many job requirements that you think is of use to you. Here you will be told about the name of the post, salary, job, what to do and your eligibility to get this job.
  • Step-8: If you think you are eligible for this job then you have to click on apply at the bottom.
  • Step-9: Now you will be asked your full name, your gender, your home place and your contact number. will be asked
  • Step-10: After doing this you have to click on Confirm and Apply.
  • Step-11: At last you have to upload your Resume (CV).
  • Step-12: You have applied for this job, now you can give interview as per the time mentioned in the job requirements.
  • Step-13: You can get a job after successful in the interview.

Key Features of Kormo Jobs:

  • Kormo Jobs is absolutely free.
  • It is very easy to use Kormo Jobs.
  • You can see the job requirements of different locations.
  • You can upload your CV on it and keep it.
  • Notifications of new job requirements can be received on your mobile.
  • Here you will get other important information along with the qualifications of the job requirements.

So you can easily view and understand job requirements of any location for yourself with Kormo Jobs app and apply. And after that you can easily get the job, with some easy process you can make your career.

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Conclusion: So through this post you understood that “How to get a Job from Kormo Jobs?“. What is Kormo Jobs and How to use Kormo Jobs? We hope that this important information will definitely be useful for you, tell us how did you like this post, if you still have any query related to this topic, then definitely comment us. Thank you..!!

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