How to Check Driving License Status

Driving License Status Check: Here we will know how to check Driving License Status? The Transport Department has made the facility of checking driving license online. Now any person can see India driving license details online sitting at home. With this you can know whether your driving license is active or inactive. Also, the name of the license holder will be able to check the validity with RTO details. If you do not know how to check driving license then read this article completely and carefully. So let us tell you step by step how to check driving license status on parivahan sewa web portal.

Through online driving license status check facility, we can check driving license of car, motor cycle, truck, or any two wheeler or four wheeler there. You just need to have your driving license number or application number. For this, the process prescribed on the official website of the transport has to be followed. Here we are telling the information of this process in easy language. So let’s get started.

How To Check Transport Driving License Status Online?

To check the transport license, the transport department has provided online facility. Now any person can check his driving license status. Its information is given below in a simple way. You read all the steps carefully.

Step-1: Go to Transport Service Portal
To check driving license, first of all you have to go to the official website of the transport service from here – Know your DL Status (First read the complete process)

Step-2: Fill your details
After that the website will open. Here first of all enter the license number. Then enter your date of birth and select the check status option by entering the verification code.

Step-3 Check Driving License Status
As soon as all the details are filled and submitted, the driving license details will be shown on the screen. Here you can see whether the license is active or inactive. Also, in whose name the license is, you can see the validity status of the license along with RTO details.

In this way very easily we can do Indian Driving License Check Online on Transport Service web portal. This is the easiest way to get the license detail. Let us now know how to know DL status from application number.

How to check driving license status from mParivahan App app?

Step-1: Download mParivahan App – mParivahan official Android apps are also available to check driving license. First of all install mParivahan App in your mobile. It is available for free on Google Play Store.

Step-2: Open the app and go to the DL option – Open it after the app is installed. Select the option of DL on the homepage. Then tap on the search box. As shown in the screenshot below –

Step-3: Search by entering driving license number – Now you have to fill your driving license number. Fill it in the prescribed box. After that search. You can also see in the screenshot below –

Step-4: Check Driving License Status – After this the status of that driving license will open on the screen. Here the name, photo and other details of the person whose name is DL will appear. Along with this, the status of the driving license (Active or Inactive) will also show. You will also be able to see the validity of your license below –

In this way, you can easily check your or anyone’s driving license status through driving license checking apps.

How to check Learning License Status by Application Number?

If you have applied for a driving license and want to know whether your DL has been made or not, then you can also find out very easily. Let us also tell you about how to check driving license status from application number.

Step-1: Go to the Sarathi Web Portal – For this, you have to go to the Sarathi web portal of the transport service. For your convenience, we have given its link below. You can directly open the website – Application Status

Step-2: Fill your application details – As soon as the website is opened, first of all fill your application number. Then also write the date of birth. After entering both the details correctly, submit it as shown in the screenshot below –

Step-3: Check the application status – As soon as you submit the details, all the details related to the application of your driving license will come. For example – your name, date of application, payment is completed or not, whether you have passed the test or not, whether your permanent driving license has been approved or not. Similarly, you can see all the details related to your DL application online. And you can find out what is your driving license status at present. Like below screenshot –

If you face any problem in checking driving license status from application number, then feel free to ask us in the comment box below.

Conclusion:- Today in this post of, we learned how to check driving license status, driving license status from mobile app, driving license status from Sarathi portal, how to get driving license details from Sarathi website, I hope You must have liked this post of today.

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