How to Edit Videos from mobile || Cropping, Mixing

How to Edit Videos from mobile || Cropping, Mixing || Hello friends! Today we will tell you how to do video editing, if you want to edit a video and want to add some more things to it, then read our post carefully. In this we will tell you how to do video mixing, cropping and editing.

You must be using any social media platform like WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram. On these you must have also seen such videos in which editing has been done. Which makes these videos look even better. No expert or high tech computer software is required to make such videos.

Now you can also edit any video from your mobile. To edit video, you need to install video editing application on your mobile. With the help of which you can easily edit the video. You can add effects as per your wish to that video as well as change its background music.

Today we will tell you how to edit a video, if you also want to edit a video in your own way and want to show it to your friends, then read our today’s post carefully. In this we will tell you how to edit video and how to do video mixing. So read this post completely.

How to Edit Videos from mobile || Cropping, Mixing

It is very easy to edit video in mobile. You can edit video in your mobile with the steps given below and make your video better.

If you want to edit any video in your mobile, then for that first you have to install video editing application in mobile. You can install Quik- Video Editor in your mobile.

📲 Play Store App :- Download

You can also install Quik – Video Editor application for Android mobiles by clicking here. You can download this app for free from Google Play Store. In this you get many Video Editing Tools and Features.

Choose video and theme

After installing the Quick Video Editor application, open it. After that choose the video you want to edit. You can add videos to it from your mobile storage or cloud.

Type the name in the title with which you want to save the video. Now you will see many themes at the bottom of the mobile screen. You choose one of the themes.

Add a video after a video

You can also select more than one video. If you want to make a single video by combining any two videos, then you can select those two videos together and then edit it.

Change music

The music continues in the background of the video. If you don’t like that music, you can turn that music off. If you don’t want to turn off background music, you can add some other music instead.

Edit Video

You can make it even better by editing in the video.

  • Add Text – With this option you can write text in the middle of the video.
  • Trim – If there is some part in the middle of the video you are editing that you don’t want to see in the video, you can remove that part. You select the Trim option. Then select the part of the video you want to remove and click OK.
  • Delete – When you select more than one video and you want to remove any of them while editing, you can delete that video by clicking Remove.
  • Duplicate – You might have noticed in a video that if it was a video, it would be 2 minutes, but make that one video a single 8 minute video. In which the same video is played 4 times.

If you also want to make similar video then you can use duplicate feature of this app. In this you select a video and click on Duplicate. This will create another copy of that video.

How to Edit Videos from mobile || Cropping, Mixing

You can add a variety of effects to your video to make a great video:

Create Videos for Youtube and Instagram

Skewer or Cinema Mode – This is the most important feature of any video editing app today. You must have noticed that videos on Instagram are square. And video rectangles appear on Youtube.

This means that YouTube videos differ in length and height, while Instagram videos are almost the same on all sides. Now whether you upload your videos to YouTube or Instagram, you can edit the video according to both of these.

Period of time

If you want to slightly increase or decrease the duration (length of time) of your video, you can use this option.

Music start

If you want to play the background music of the video for some time after the video starts, you can use this option to start the background music at any time.


If you want to change the effect of color in the video, you can use filters. In this you will find many types of filters to use.

Download video

When your video is completely edited, you can directly share it with your friends, otherwise you can also download that video to your mobile.

When you save and play the video, you will not see any watermark of ‘Quick-Video Editor’ in it. In many applications, when the video is played after editing, the name of that application or a watermark appears in the video. Due to which the look of the video is not looking good.

Apart from these, there are many other features. With which you can give a professional look to your video. Like transition effect, slow motion, video split, mirror effect etc. You can also edit videos in Full HD (1080p) quality.

📲 Play Store App :- Download

Note:- If you want to edit a video well and want to use many effects and features in it, then you should use at least two video editing applications. Because you won’t get all the features you want to use in any one video editing application.

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