How to get detail of Photo || How to find Photo History

How to get detail of Photo – How to find Photo History || Hello friends, when we see an old photo of ours and we do not remember when we deleted this photo, then we do not remember the details. If you also want to know the details of any of your photos, then this post is for you. Will tell you how to get the details of the photo. When you see someone’s photo on Facebook, Instagram or anywhere and want to know about him, what is the name of the person appearing in the photo, you want to know all his details in a few seconds.

In this article, we will tell you two ways by which you can extract the details of any photo.

How to get photo details from google

  • Step-1. Open Chrome browser. Start the desktop site by clicking on the top three dots. You only get the option to search the image by opening the desktop site.
  • Step-2. Now you have to search Google Image Search also. Clicking here will take you to the direct image search tool.
  • Step-3. After the search result, you will see the icon of the camera, click on it.
  • Step-4. On clicking the camera option you will see two options, one you want to remove the description of the image, paste its URL or upload the image from your phone’s gallery. By the way, most use the upload option only.
  • Step-5. By clicking on Upload Image, you have to click on Choose File and upload the details of the photo you want to delete.

You will get all the information about whose photo you have uploaded. Now we tell about Google Lens in another way.

How to get photo details from Google Lens

This app was launched by Google, it has more than 500 million downloads on Play Store and got a rating of 4.5. If you click an Image of an object, flower etc., it gives you all the information about it. Along with this, upload option is also available in it, so that you can get all the information about the photo by uploading it from your gallery. This is very good app. If you like a product, then by clicking or uploading its photo, you can find out whether it is available for online shopping or not.

  • Step-1. You have to download the Google Lens App from the Play Store. You can also download Google Lens by clicking here.

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  • Step-2. Google lens has to be opened. It asks you for basic permission, you have to give it permission.
  • Step-3. In this you will see many options, if you want, you can click the Picture or upload it from the gallery.
  • Step-4. You can upload from gallery by clicking on the icon of the photo. And you can access other types of features by clicking on the options shown below.

How many megapixels is the clicked photo, when was clicked, in which format, what is the size of the image, how to know. You can find all this in the gallery of your phone. Let us now tell you step by step how to know the details of the photo.

How to Find Basic Detail of a Photo (Date, Megapixel)

  • Step-1. Open the gallery of any Image you want to know the details of.
  • Step-2. For example, if I have an Oppo phone, then clicking on the button above gives all the details of the Picture.
  • Step-3. If you do not get the option of photo details in the gallery of your phone, then you can delete the Image details by going to the file manager.
  • Step-4. You have to open the file manager and long press on the photo whose details you want to extract, then your details option will appear and after clicking on it you will see all the details.

When you see a photo of an object or person on social media and want to know everything about it, we can get all its details from Google. And just a few years ago Google launched a new app. With the help of Google Lens, whose Picture you upload to Lens, it will give you all the information about that Images.

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Conclusion – Although Google Photo Search Tool is also good but I would recommend you Google Lens because in this you can find out about any Picture very easily and you get many features in it. How did you get the description of this post Picture, how did you like it and if you have any doubts, then do comment below. Stay connected with our blog for more such interesting information. Thank you..!!

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