How to open App Lock – How to remove Settings and Privacy password

How to open App Lock – How to remove Settings and Privacy password || If you have also forgotten your phone password for some reason, or you have to break the app lock in someone’s phone, then today’s post will be very beneficial for you. So in today’s post we will learn how to break app lock, how to break privacy password and how to prevent app lock from being broken.

Like sometimes you lock an app in a hurry, or you enter a password so difficult that you forget yourself, then we have to break the app lock.

How to open App Lock – How to remove Settings and Privacy password

And with the help of this post you can break app lock in phone of your friends, relatives or any person, sometimes it happens that your friends take some of your private photos or your personal data.

And refuse to show you and when you check their phone, it contains password or pattern, you can’t open the app, then you can use this trick to break their app lock.

Sometimes you go to the cyber cafe to break the lock. And give them some money and break their lock. In which all your data gets cleared. But after reading today’s post, you can break your lock sitting at home, which will save your money and your data will also be safe.

How to open App Lock

Now some of you must be thinking that if we do not know hacking, then how can we break the lock of someone’s phone, then let me tell you that you do not need hacking to break the app lock, you just have to follow some Step. Which is quite simple to follow.

Now all the new phones that are coming, all of them already have app lock, but some old phones don’t have app lock, so we download app lock from play store.

So if you are also using downloaded app lock then you can break app lock with the help of this tricks, we will tell you two ways to break app lock.

How to open App Lock || First way

  • Step-1) To break the app lock, first we have to unlock our phone and then go to the phone’s settings.
  • Step-2) After opening the phone’s settings, you have to go to Manage Apps
    Manage phone settings apps
  • Step-3) After opening Manage Apps, you will see all the apps installed in your phone there. Out of all those apps, you have to find App Lock and click on it.
  • Step-4) As soon as you click on App Lock, some kind of page will open in front of you as you can see in the screen shot.
    app force stop
  • Step-5) After this you have to click on Force Stop, after which the apps that you had locked through AppLock will be unlocked for some time. Now if you have to open the app again then you will see that the lock is not coming on the apps.

shortcut –

The trick that we just told you may take some time, but now we are telling you the shortcut, if you take the help of this trick, then you will be able to break the app lock in a few seconds.

For this, you have to find the app lock application in the phone and long press on it, after which you will get the information of the app. You will get its option, after clicking on it you will directly come to the page with Force Stop and from there you can easily stop it.

How to open App Lock || another way

By force stopping we can break app lock for some time. But if you want to break app lock forever, then you don’t need to do much, just long press on app lock, after that you will get uninstall option, from there you uninstall the app.

How to prevent App Lock from breaking || How to stop AppLock from breaking

So as I just told you that how you can break the app lock, now the question arises that when we can break someone’s password then he can also break his password with the help of this tricks.

If you also want that no one else can break the password of your AppLock, then you have to follow some steps, with the help of which you can save AppLock from being broken.

  • Step-1) First of all we have to lock our phone’s settings with the help of AppLock so that no one can stop forcefully by going to your phone’s settings so that no one will be able to break your app lock.
  • Step-2) Now you have to hide your App Lock, so that no one will be able to find or uninstall your App Lock, which will keep your App Lock safe.

How to remove Settings and Privacy password

If you have forgotten your privacy password, today we will tell you how you can break your privacy password. But only with this you can break the privacy password of your phone, not someone else’s phone.

Like I have a Mi phone, so our phone has a privacy protection password. But even if you have a phone from another company, you can still break the privacy password with the help of this trick.

  • Step-1) First of all you have to go where you have set Privacy Password. Just like you have set a privacy password in your file, when you open it, it will ask you for the password. Now you will see at the bottom of that page that the option of Forget Password is coming, you have to click on it.
  • Step-2) After clicking on Mi Account, you have to enter your Mi Password there, if you remember your Mi Password then you can easily break your password.
  • Step-3) If you do not remember your Mi Password, then first you have to reset Mi Password, only then you can break your Privacy Password. So you have to click on Mi Forget Password.
  • Step-4) After clicking on Forget Password, you have to enter the same phone number or email from which you have created Mi Account, after entering the email or phone number, a Recaptcha will come in front of you, you have to fill it.
How to reset Privacy password
  • Step-5) After this the account verification page will open in which reset code will be sent to your phone number or email. Then you have to click on send code.
  • Step-6) After that a code will come on your phone number or email, you have to enter it there. After entering the code you have to create your new Mi Password, and click on submit and give country.
    privacy password reset code
  • Step-7) When your new Mi Password is generated, you have to reset the privacy password for Forget Password and enter your new Mi Password there. After that your password will be reset. Now you create a new privacy password and then if you want, go to the settings and turn it off. With its help, you can easily break the default app lock and app lock of the setting.

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If you don’t have Mi phone then your phone will not have Mi account, but in that too you can reset your password via email. If your password is still not unlocked then you can break your privacy password by doing a hard reset but remember that this will clear all the data on your phone.

Conclusion: So in today’s post we will learn how to break app lock, how to prevent app lock from being broken and how to break privacy password. I hope you liked today’s post a lot and now you too can easily break your app lock sitting at home. If you still face any problem related to app lock breaking or app lock, then you can ask us via comment. Thank you..!!

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