How to know how many SIM are on Aadhar card

How to know how many SIM are on Aadhar card || Do you know how many SIMs are active in your Aadhar card? This is very important for you to know because if Aadhar is yours then you should also know how many SIMs are active in Aadhar card. A few years ago today, by giving a SIM card, only a photocopy of the Aadhar card had to be bought, at that time there was a lot of fraud. The SIM card is activated by the shopkeeper and the customer under different names and is sold in black.

After few days some cases (threat, theft) started getting registered. The one who did nothing wrong also had to be implicated because someone else used the SIM card in his name. But in today’s time it is not so. In today’s time fingerprint is required to get SIM card. Meaning your SIM will be activated only after applying live fingerprint. Still you have to be careful. If you are not careful then you can be cheated as before.

How to know how many SIM are on Aadhar card

If you want to know about SIM on Aadhar card, how many SIM cards are active on your Aadhar, then read this post completely. To know the number of activated SIM on Aadhar card, the help of website and app will have to be taken. With the help of website and android application, you can know the number of Idea, Jio, Airtel, BSNL SIM.

Find out from the Aadhar website how many SIMs are activated in your name.

As mentioned in the post, how many sims are running in the aadhar card. But there is no website for this, so that only the SIM can be known. But from the Aadhaar Authentication History from the Aadhaar website, you can find out how many times your Aadhaar has been used to get the SIM.

In this way, it can also be known when your Aadhaar has been used. Here you will also know when your Aadhaar has been used.


First of all go to the official website of Aadhar card You can check all the activities from this website.


After going to the Aadhar site, go to My Aadhar and click on Aadhar Authentication History.


Aadhar number details have to be filled on this page.

  • 1.Aadhaar Card:- In this box you have to type Aadhar Card.
  • 2. Enter Security Code :- Enter Captcha here.
  • 3. Send OTP:- Click on Send OTP.


An OTP will be sent to the mobile number linked to your Aadhaar number, which needs to be entered on this page.

  • Authentication Type:- Here the type has to be selected. You can select all.
  • Select Date Colour:- Here you have to select the date for which you want to view the record.
  • Number of Records :- You can view the record history you want to check before it means you will be able to check up to 50 records.
  • Enter OTP :- Password will have been received on your mobile number, enter it in this box.
  • Verify OTP:- Click on Verify OTP.


Now all that history will come in front of you. In which you can see whether your Aadhaar has been used while buying the SIM or not.

This way all the transaction activity can be checked from Aadhaar. In this you also get to know for which company your Aadhaar has been used.

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Conclusion: So friends, in this post, how many SIMs are active in your Aadhar card, you must have come to know by reading this post. It has already been mentioned in the post that there is no website to check SIM card active but you can check Aadhaar activity through Aadhaar. This will enable you to know which mobile number has been used while buying your Aadhaar. If you have any question or suggestion in our post, then definitely tell in the comment below..!! Thanks..!!

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