Best scanner apps for Android

Android is slowly making every hard work in our life easy, whatever it may be. With the help of mobile, you can do any work sitting in one place in a few minutes. Whether it is your office work or home work.

Today I will tell you about some such apps which are very perfect apps to scan your document’s.

1. Google Drive

Let us start with Google Drive which can also scan your documents. Many people do not know about this and these features come inbuilt in Google Drive. Although it does not have as many features as you get in other scanners.
But Google Drive is testing it, because many of us already have the Google Drive app available on your Android smartphone.

To find the scanner option in the Drive app, tap the ‘+’ button in the bottom corner. This will also open new options including the ‘scan’ option. Now you have to allow camers to scan with Google Scanner. Many options are also available for documents in the tool, such as you can change the color, you can save the file in PDF etc.

Features of Google Drive

  • You can also share it in PDF/JPEG file.
  • In Google Drive, you get options to share from different types, such as Social Media, E-mail, and you can also download the document.
  • In this, you can edit, customize the document with the help of advance document editing tool.
  • In Drive Scan, the document is directly saved in Drive.

You can download this app for free of cost on Playstore and it is already available in android.

📲 Play Store App :- Download

2. Adobe scan

If we talk about photography and photo editing, then the name of only one app/software comes in our mind that of adobe.

Adobe Scan allows you to do document capture and scan, which is very simple and easy to use. With its help, you can also share the document in image and PDF.

Features of Adobe Scan

  • You can scan Adobe Documents, Books, Text Receipt, Invoices and much more.
  • Adobe Scan can automatically recognize the border, sharpness, and text of the document with the help of advanced image technology.
  • In this you can also edit photos and PDFs such as Contrast, Crop, Rotate, and Color can also be adjusted.
  • With the help of Adobe Scan, you can scan anywhere, at any time, and you can also share it.
  • In Adobe you get free of cost builtin OCR which scans PDF in high-quality.
  • In this you also get the option of quick find documents in photos, with the help of this you can easily find any document in photos and can also scan it.

If you like this app, then I have given the link of the app below, you can download it from there.

📲 Play Store App :- Download

3. Clear Scan

This app is named Clear Scan because this app quickly clears any document. There are many other features in the Clear Scan app, with the help of which it makes your document quick and clear scan.

Features of Clear Scan

  • Automatically this app detects the edge and corner of the document, and scans it by adjusting it properly.
    Clear Scan makes the document’s fast scan.
  • In this you will also get professional-quality results with Photo, Document, Colour, Black & White multiple filters.
  • In the Clear Scan app, you can also name the document whatever you want.
  • In this you can also adjust the size of the PDF page ( Letter, Legal, A4, Etc. )
  • You can also e-mail any specified document or page.
  • You can also print PDF through cloud print in Clear Scan.
  • In Clear Scan, you can extract the image into text with the help of OCR (Optical Character Recognition).
  • You can also take a backup of your date in this and can also restore it.

Clear Scan is one of the best scanning app, which saves both time and money. If you like this app then I have given the link of the app below, you can download it from there.

📲 Play Store App :- Download

4. Scanbot

Scanbot is a simple scanner app. Scanbot is already used by 7 million people to scan Document, Receipt, QR Code, and Bar Codes in android and ios. This app has already won the award and its satisfaction rating is also 98%.

Features of Scanbot

  • This app can convert document to PDF and JPEG.
  • Can also scan QR Code and Bar Codes.
  • In this you can scan multiple pages.
  • The option of Optical Character Recognition text is also available.
  • The Scanbot app also supports cloud services such as Dropbox, One Drive, Amazon Cloud etc.
  • After scanning the document with Scanbot, you can do any work with PDF such as highlight text, add notes, and there are many other options in Scanbot app. You can use this app easily.

If you like this app, then I have given the link of the app below, you can download it from there.

📲 Play Store App :- Download

5. Microsoft Office Lens

This is also a best document scanner app. The creators of Microsoft office have developed the office lens. You can scan any document and picture with Microsoft Lens and make it readable back, with Office Lens you can convert images to PDF, Word and Powerpoint files.

Features of Microsoft Office Lens

  • In this you can scan and upload all the notes, receipts, and documents.
  • The option to share and save Microsoft Lens documents is also available.
  • In Microsoft Lens, you can also share your document in OneNote, and One Drive.
  • In this you can convert your file to PDF, PowerPoint, and Word as well.
  • Microsoft lens is a popular app, in which you can share and save your document in any format.

If I talk about Office Lens, then this app is really a very good app. If you like this app, then I have given the link of the app below, you can download it from there.

📲 Play Store App :- Download

Best Android Scanner Apps

All these apps are the Best Scanner Apps of Google Play 2020. And will remain popular in 2020 also. According to me, all these apps can be interesting for you too. If these apps are right then you can download them from Play Store and I have also given them from their link, then you can also download them directly.

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