What is Google Duo || How to use Google Duo

What is Google Duo || How to use Google Duo: As technology is increasing in today’s era, so are the hobbies of people. Now is a time when people used to love making voice calls. But ever since video calling has come into play. Since then people have become crazy about video calling.

Different people use different applications and different video calling systems to make video calling. In such a situation, you should also use Google Duo.

Now it comes to what is Google Duo? How to use Google Duo and what features are available in Google Duo that you do not find in other video calling system or what are the features that make Google Duo the best video calling application or video calling system.

If you want answers to all these questions, then read this article carefully from beginning to end. In today’s article we are going to answer all these questions and teach you how to use Google Duo App?

What is Google Duo || How to use Google Duo

Google Duo is an application launched by Google itself which is world famous for video calling and voice calling. Although its work is for video calling, but if you want, you can also make voice calls with it. The best part is that it’s absolutely free, you don’t have to spend a single penny to use it or make video and voice calls from it.

There was a time when video calling was in trend. In view of this, Google launched Google Duo in 2016 and as soon as Google Duo came, it strengthened its place in the market. The strongest reason for this was that it was absolutely free and it was providing its users a great UI simple interface with high quality video calling.

It was much loved by the younger generation as it is available for both Android and iOS platforms. In Google Duo, you get to see many such amazing features, using which you can make the video calling experience even better.

In this you also get to see the amazing feature of Group Video Calling. Using which you can talk face to face with more than one of your friends from the same smartphone and at the same time.

How to Download Google Duo App?

  • Open your Play Store or App Store.
  • Search Google Duo in the search bar found here.
  • Click on the first app that comes up.
  • Click on Install button.
  • Your app has been downloaded.

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What is Google Duo || How to use Google Duo

Google Duo is very easy to use. Even less educated people can easily use it. Follow the instructions below to use it and you will easily be able to use it and learn how to do it.

  • Open the application.
  • After opening, create an account by entering your mobile number and verify your mobile number through OTP.
  • As you know that you can make video and voice calls with Google Duo, the only condition is that the person you want to video call should also have Google Duo application.
  • On the home page of this application you will see many options. For the person you want to call, you will see the option of New Call, click on it.
  • Select the account of the person you want to call or you can also select the account of that person by doing a direct search.

📲 What is Google Duo || How it Works हिंदी में  Play Store App :- Download

  • After selecting the person, you will see the call button, click on it and make a video call.
  • Now if the other person receives the call, then you can easily make a video call to him.
  • If you also want to add another person to your video call. That is, if you have to do Group Video Calling. So in this you will see a button to call other fellow calls as well, click on it.
  • The person to whom you have sent the request to add in video calling, if he receives your call, he will also be added to your group video calling and you can easily do group calling.
  • You get many options while doing video calling. Just as you can mute the audio, you can open the Home front or back camera. If you want to make voice calls instead of video calling, then you can do that too.
  • So in this way you can use Google Duo app without any problem.

Key Features of Google Duo App

In Google Duo, you get to see not one but many features and all these features are more than one. Let us know about these features one by one in detail.

Call without saving number:

On Google Duo you can make calls without saving the number and you get this amazing feature absolutely free. Which you can use without spending any money.

Send Video Massage:

In Google Duo, you can send voice massages as well as video massages. Due to which your messaging style will attain a great level and you will get an image of an intelligent person in front of whoever you are sending this message to.

No need to download this app:

If you make a video call from this app, then there is no need to download this app. Because this application supports video calling of many applications. Because of this, you can make video calls from them without downloading the app. Although it would not be all to say that it supports all.

Secure Video Calling:

Your video calling is secure if you make a video call using Google Duo. All your data in this application is absolutely safe as this application is made by Google very carefully and security is taken very care of.

Block someone:

If some unknown person is harassing you on this app, you will also have the option to block them. Once blocked, that person will never be able to call your Google Duo. You can also unblock it if you want.

2G Connection Video Calling:

Using Google Duo, high quality video calling can be done even in 2G connection. Which you are going to like a lot.

Data Limit:

If you think that you spend too much of your data in video calling, then in this application you can also limit your data usage and check how much data you have spent in this application.

Make group video calling:

Using this application you can do group calling and 8 people can talk on video call simultaneously.

Make video calls even in low light:

In Google Duo, you get to see a great feature, with the help of which you can talk to anyone on a video call even in low light. Your video in front will watch in high quality in HD look and it will give a different experience to your video call.

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