How to check train PNR status on WhatsApp?

How to check train PNR status on WhatsApp?|| Indian Railways has launched a very interesting feature a few days back. About which very few people know. Indian Railways launched this feature on 3 December 2020. With the help of that new feature, you can know about train PNR status on WhatsApp in your mobile. And the PNR status of the train can be checked live on mobile. Most of the people in India prefer to travel by train. But to check live status of any train, you need PNR number.

How to check train PNR status on WhatsApp?

If I talk about checking train PNR status on WhatsApp, this feature is very interesting and also very helpful. Very few people would have thought that such a feature can also come that just sending a message will get so much information about the train. Live Train Status But in this feature you will get complete information about the train by just sending a message that where is the train, at which station and at what time it will reach your station and at what time you will reach your destination.

If you travel, you must first book train tickets for that. And after booking the ticket, you get the PNR number of the train, with the help of that PNR number you can check the status of the train. PNR status is a 10 digit number. The train in India is such a means that the common man travels to the poor man and the rich man. And traveling in train also makes you happy. So let’s now know how to check train PNR status on WhatsApp?

How to check train PNR status on WhatsApp?

Follow the steps given below to check train PNR status on WhatsApp.

  • For this, you have to first save the number of +919881193322 Railofy / +917349389104 MakeMyTrip provided by IRCTC in your mobile.
  • First saving the number, you have to open your WhatsApp.
  • After opening WhatsApp, you have to open the saved number of IRCTC and send your PNR number in it, just like you send a WhatsApp message to someone.
  • After sending the PNR number, the automatic bot will send you all the information related to the train.
  • Similarly, you will continue to get live train status updates on WhatsApp by IRCTC.

Note:- Apart from this, like Railofy, you can also check live train status on WhatsApp through MakeMyTrip. Railofy’s WhatsApp number is +919881193322 and MakeMyTrip’s WhatsApp number is +917349389104. You have to send your PNR number to both the numbers through the same process and after that you will get all the information related to the train.

Train PNR related information on WhatsApp

In this, you have been given the numbers of both Railofy and MakeMyTrip, the process of checking PNR status of both is same. Now in this whatever answer you get related to PNR, before boarding the train you get the details of booking status, boarding time, seat details etc.

Apart from this, you can get the train’s late or running time information. In this you can get information about expected arrival time and next station. The company provides this facility absolutely free. If you want to stop this service on MakeMyTrip, you can stop anytime, all you have to do is send a stop message to +91 9881193322 and your service will be terminated.

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