Best Free Video editing App for Android 2021

est Free Video editing App for Android 2021 || Friends, in today’s digital world, many people are showing their skills to the world through videos. In which YouTube is a huge platform where people can share their creativity. Today millions of hours of video content are being uploaded to YouTube every minute. Video editing is very important to make the video great and professional.

Computer is the best tool for video editing, but computer is available with few people, so most of the people use mobile phone for video editing. With the help of This App you can edit your video in the best way.

Best Free Video editing App for Android 2021

You will find many free video editing apps on the Google Play Store for Android. In which you can easily and professionally edit your video in few minutes.

But there are thousands of such apps on Google Play Store which are quite advanced. Or they don’t have good characteristics. That is why in this article we will tell you about free video editing apps for Android. Which you can use very easily. And most of the YouTubers use these best free video editing apps for Android to edit their videos.

Best Free Video Editing Apps for Android 2021

  1. KineMaster
  2. PowerDirector
  3. Wondershare FilmoraGo
  4. Vita
  5. Quik

Kinemaster video editing app

All youtuber who edit their video on mobile phone they all use Kinemaster Video Editor App. Because in this app you get all the features which are very important for a professional video editing. Its interface is quite clean, which makes it very easy for the user to understand it.

In Kinemaster, you have been given Powerful Video Tools, Effects & Kinemaster Asset store, from which you can download and use many Effects, Transitions, Animation Overlays. Kinemaster Video Editor App has got 100M+ downloads on google play store, from this you can guess how popular this app is among people.

📲 Play Store App :- Download

Special Features of KineMaster

  • The project you’re working on is automatically saved in Kinemaster Video Editor that you can edit later.
  • In Kinemaster you have been given three aspect ratio [16:9] [9:16] [1:1] in which you can edit your video.
  • You can work on multiple layers in Kinemaster’s timeline. In which you can add music, media, effects, overlay, text etc.
  • In this, you have also been given the option of video record and voice record.
  • You get many features like Trim / Split, Crop, Speed ​​Control, Reverse, Rotate / Mirroring, Color Filters, Color Adjustment, Video Audio Extract to Video.
  • Kinemaster, you get great features like Volume Controller, Audio EQ, Volume Envelope, Reverb, Voice Changer, Audio Ducking to edit audio.
  • Asset store is provided in Kinemaster, from which you can download and use many video effects, transitions, animation overlays, royalty free music, sound effects.

Power Director video editing apps for android

In the Power Director app, you have been given many such advanced features which will not be found in Kine master and any other editing app. You can edit 4k videos in the Power Director app. Also you can do video “stabilization” which is not available in premium video editor app.

This video editor is available for both mobile and computer. Power Director App is developed by Cyber Link Corp. Company. Its Google Play Store PR 4.5star Rating With 50M+ Downloads. This app has also been very popular among you-tuber.

📲 Play Store App :- Download

Special Features of Power Director

  • You will get to see a simple interface in Power Director.
  • Here you are given three aspect ratios [16:9] [9:16] [1:1] in which you can edit videos for different platforms like you tube, Facebook, Instagram etc.
  • You can operate on multiple layers in Power Director’s Timeline interface.
  • With the help of chroma key, you can easily remove the green screen.
  • Shake video can be stabilized very easily.
  • In this, you get many features like split, volume controller, crop, opacity, blending, mask, key frame, chrome-key, stabilizer, speed control, reverse, rotate, color filter, color adjustment to split the video.

FilmoraGo Video editing app

If you want to do basic video editing at an advanced level, then “Wondershare FilmoraGo Video Editing App” can be a better option for you. From the 50M+ downloads on the google play store, it can be estimated that how much this video editing app is being liked by the users.

Filmora video editing software for computer is made by Wonder share company. Whereas FilmoraGo video editing app is made for mobile.

📲 Play Store App :- Download

Special Features of FilmoraGo

  • In FilmoraGo, you get all the basic tools like trimming, cutting, music, reverse, slow motion, themes and transitions, text, effects and filters etc.
  • In this, you have been given the option to export videos in different ratios for Instagram and YouTube videos.

Vita Video Editor

Vita video editing app is another great way to do fast and free video editing. In this you get many basic features, using which you can edit a great video very easily. Also you can easily create a professional looking video by combining multiple video clips. In the Vita video editing app you can edit videos in the ratio of square [1:1] and cinema [16:9].

📲 Play Store App :- Download

Special Features of Vita Video Editor

  • Create Full HD video in seconds. (easy editing)
  • Use artistic text design to create professional looking videos. (design text)
  • Adjust playback speed for dynamic video. (speed adjustment)
  • Choose the music and sound effects that match your video.
  • Add filters and visual effects for high quality video.
  • Simply add your video clip to the template and make a great movie.

Quik Mobile Video Editing App

The interface of this video editor is simple as well as automatic. The special thing about this video editor is that it comes with automatic video making capabilities. All you have to do is select your video or photo, this app syncs the video according to the beat of the music.

📲 Best Free Video editing App Play Store App :- Download

Special Features of Quik

  • Quik Video Editor is the fastest and easiest way to create great videos.
  • In this you can easily add photos, videos, music and text.
  • It’s data by auto-syncing your videos according to the music.
  • In this you will find 23 different beautiful video editing styles, with which you can make your video more beautiful.
  • This app is absolutely free.

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Conclusion: So friends in This Post “Best Free Video editing App for Android 2021”. so that you can give best look to your video. If you are looking for a video editing app that has all the premium features.I think you should try Kinemaster and Power Director. Because there is no such app for mobile as compared to them which can provide so many features for free. Also “Best Free Video editing App for Android 2021″ for You Tuber. So friends, if this article of ours has been a little helpful for you, then definitely share it with your friends. Thank you..!!

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