How to Download e-PAN card From PAN Number

How to download e-PAN card || The PAN card is an important document. Many government works, schemes require PAN card. Basically the main function of PAN card is in tax matters, which keeps a record of all your IT filings, IT returns etc. This article explains how to download e-PAN card by page number. Sometimes we need a soft copy of the PAN card and this also makes it easier to print the PAN card. In this article, complete information about downloading PAN card is explained in detail.

Important things to download e-PAN card

  • Email ID – You must have a valid email ID. You can create your email id from for free.
  • PAN Number – You must know your PAN number.
  • Aadhaar Card – Keep your Aadhaar number with you.
  • Have a mobile number registered with Aadhaar.

How to Download E-Pan Card – Step by Step Guide in Hindi by Page Number

You can download it in 4 ways. All three methods are completely accessible and you can download the PAN card in a few minutes. All three methods are explained in detail below.

Method 1 – (e-PAN) How to Download PAN Card?

To make the process of making PAN card easier, Income Tax Department has launched a new website in 2021 because the old website is not working. To download ko you have to follow the following steps-
1. First you search Incometax gov in Google. At the top you will see the new website of Income Tax Department, click on it then scroll down.
Now you click on the Show more button shown below, here you will see many services available by the Income Tax Department, out of which you click on Instant E-PAN service.

2. As soon as you click on Instant E-PAN, a new page will open in front of you, here you will have to click on the button of Continue appearing in the box with Check status / Download PAN.

3. On clicking the Continue button, a new page will open in front of you, where you will have to enter your Aadhaar number and click on the Continue button again.

4. Now for OTP Validation, an OTP will be sent on the number linked in your Aadhar card, fill it in the box below and tick the box below and click on the Continue button shown on the right side. .

5. Now here you will show the current status of your new e-PAN request if the message of successful allotment of e-PAN is visible in your status. So you can download your PAN card by clicking on the button of Download E-PAN visible in the right side.

If Pending message is visible in the current status of your new e-PAN request. So you can check again after some time because work is going on on this new website of Income Tax Department right now due to which it is taking few days to generate e-pan card.

In this way we know Pan card kaise download karen or aadhar se Pan Card Download kaise kare If you have any question regarding how to download pan card (Pan card kaise download kare) then you can ask by writing below comment. Will definitely answer it.

Method 2 – Download e-Pan Card from Digilocker App / Website

This is the easiest way to download PAN card. You can download and view a copy of the PAN card from your phone at any time.

  • 1. Install Digilocker app on your phone. If you are using a computer, open the site in a browser. Click Here to Install DIgilocker App
  • 2. Now you have to register in Digilocker. This requires your Aadhaar card and mobile number. Learn how to register with Digilocker.
  • 3. Once logged in, click Add Document and enter your page number.
  • 4. Once your PAN card is linked to Digilocker, you can download it at any time.
  • 5. Click on the issued document from the menu and click on the PDF icon in front of the PAN card option. Your e-page will be downloaded in PDF form immediately.

Similarly e-PAN card can be downloaded very easily from page number. The PAN card thus downloaded will be digitally signed which is a valid document.

Method 3 – Download e-PAN card by PAN number from NSDL portal

This Third method is also simple and can be done from the official website.
Note – to download e-PAN card from PAN in this way, you have to pay an online fee of Rs 66. But so the PAN card obtained will be the same as the original PAN card and not the digital PAN card obtained in Method one. After completing the above, you can easily download the PAN card by your PAN number by following the steps given below.

  • 1. First open the official website of PAN Card NSDL in your computer / smartphone. –
  • 2. Select the option – first apply online from the form that will open on the screen.
  • 3. Now select the last option – reprint the PAN card from the application type option and select individual in the category.
  • 4. Now enter all your details correctly in the applicant information section asked in the next form. Don’t forget to provide your page number and email id here.
  • 5. After entering all the details click on submit button.
  • 6. Now a temporary token number will be given on the next screen so that it is written somewhere. As well as this code will be sent to your email id.
  • 7. Now click on Continue with PAN Application Form button from this screen.
  • 8. Now from the new screen that opens, you have to enter some more details and also upload some documents.
  • Note – If you have a temporary token number, you can download the e-PAN card at any time by entering your token number, email id, date of birth etc. in the Registered Users tab from the link above the NSDL site.
  • 9. Submit digitally via e-KYC and select the e-sign option at the top of the form.
  • 10. Is a physical PAN card required from the next form? Select the No option.
  • 11. Fill in all the details from the rest of the form correctly and click on the Next button.
  • 12. Now upload the requested documents on the next screen. Learn how to scan documents by phone.
  • 13. Finally, after clicking on submit button, payment page will appear.

A PDF copy of your PAN card will be sent to your email once the payment is completed. You can download it now and print it at any time.

Method 4 – Download your e-PAN card by PAN number from UTITSL website

This method is similar to the other (Method 2) and you can easily download your PAN card this way.

  • 1. Open UTI’s website from your phone or computer –
  • 2. Now click on the Download E PAN button.
  • 3. A page will now open in a new window. From this page enter your page number, date of birth and captcha code correctly and then click on submit button.
  • 4. You will see a message if all the information is correct. In which you will be asked to download your PAN card through Aadhaar card. Select yes here.
  • 5. Now enter your Aadhaar number on the next screen and click on Get OTP.
  • 6. Now enter the received code on your phone number on the screen and click on submit button.
  • 7. On the next screen enter your mobile number, email id and captcha and click submit.
  • 8. On the next screen, select the option to receive OTP (SMS only, Email only or both).
  • 9. Enter the captcha code on this screen and click on Get OTP.
  • 10. Enter the OTP and tick the declaration statement and click the submit button.
  • 11. Now on the next screen you have to select the payment gateway. Then complete the payment process.
  • 12. After the payment is completed, you will see the option to download the e-PAN card.

Similarly you can download your PAN card from UTITSL website.

Conclusion – In this age of digital, you can now do many things with your phone. Because of this, you can now also download your PAN card online. This post gives three ways to download e-PAN card from PAN number so that you can do this easily. All of three methods also have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can download your e-PAN card using any of these methods.If you face any kind of problem, let us know in the comments below. Or you can contact us by email.

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