How to Do Internet Speed Test Online in Mobile or Laptop

How to do Internet Speed ​​Test Internet users of India often have to face slow internet speed due to which their work is not done properly. With this, you will know which company is providing the fastest internet speed in your area.

How to check internet speed is very easy, if you are using laptop, then you can check your internet speed by just one click by visiting the website created by International Broadband Speed ​​Investigation Agency (UCLA). The agency ie UCLA checks internet speed in countries around the world and issues a list of countries with fastest internet and slow internet.

Talking about India, India is not even on the top 100 in the list of countries with the fastest internet speed, which ranks very high according to India’s popularity and internet users. Let us tell you that in the case of the fastest internet, Norway, a small country in Europe, is in the first place where the speed of 52MB per second is available. On the other hand, talking about India, the average internet speed in India is just 2MB per second.

how to test internet speed

  • First of all, you have to open the browser of your laptop or mobile.
  • After this, go to, a website created by the International Broadband Speed ​​Investigation Agency (UCLA).
  • If you are using laptop then you can check your internet speed from this website.
  • After visiting this website, you have to click on GO, you will know the speed of internet.
  • If you are using mobile then you will get playstore link of this website an app.
  • You can install an app named Speedtest by Ookla from Google Playstore, with this app you can test the internet speed running in your mobile.


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