How to Edit Photos with Adobe Lightroom App

How to Edit Photos with Adobe Lightroom App: All professionals use Lightroom. It is one of the most powerful tools for editing your photos. You have the ability to create presets or purchase presets to create the effect you want. So what’s the best? You can do this in just one click. I know Lightroom has saved me countless hours.

Many people ask how do I edit my photos? It’s actually turned out to be one of my favorite things because Lightroom makes the editing process so simple. My photos look better yet take less time for me. I can edit 50 photos in one click. And I am able to do what works best for my photos.

||What is Adobe Lightroom App||

First let’s talk about the cameras. Many people think that you need a fancy camera to edit your photos in Lightroom. But it is not true! You can edit photos with your smartphone or your camera. I personally use mobile cameras. The fact is, cameras are expensive and you want to get one that suits your needs. Many people talk about the advantages of expensive cameras but I think you can still make beautiful pictures with simple techniques.

Really, the camera is not the one that does the magic. It’s your eye and the way you edit. Again, another pro of using Lightroom. As for shooting, I recommend shooting in RAW and not JPG to have more options for editing. RAW files are larger and hold more data than JPGs, so it makes it easy to make minor changes to color, tone, and tone without looking unrealistic.

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|| How to Edit Photos with Adobe Lightroom App? ||
Editing Tools

Lightroom app is very easy to use, at the moment this app is being used more for photo editing, it has many filters and tools, if we learn to use all the tools, we are very good at it. You can make photo, today we are going to learn you how to use this app. It has many tools but we will teach you to use some of its tools, which are used more in editing photos.

1.Light Tool

Lightroom’s first and most used tool is the Light Tool, what is it used to manage the light of the photo, if our photo has more light or less light, or there is more shadow in the photo, then How to manage it? For this we use this tool.

2.White Balance Tool

Another used tool in Lightroom is the White Balance Tool, in which we can change the temperature, saturation, tint and vibration of our photo, like sometimes it happens that we can see any photo in more sunlight Or sometimes work too much in the sun. If we shoot, then with the help of this tool we can fix all this in our photos.

3.Effect Tool

What is the use of this tool to fix the clarity of the photo, if we use this tool, it brings a different quality to our photo, which makes our photo look good.

4.Mix Tool

We can also call this tool as HSL tool, it is the most used tool in lightroom, there are many tools in which it makes the photo a different type, using this tool the photo is made very good . Because if you don’t learn how to use this Lightroom tool, then you understand that Lightroom does not work, it has three different tools for different colors Hue, Saturation, Luminous. It happens that if I take a color in my photo that does not make our photo look good, then we will reduce the saturation of that color completely, which will automatically remove that color from our photo and our photo would be good.

|| How To Edit Photo With Adobe Lightroom App ||

You follow all the steps given by us, we will tell you step by step.

  • Step – 1. Friends, first of all you have to download Lightroom application from play, you will get this app absolutely free on play store.
  • Step – 2. Then friends, whatever photo you want to edit, open that photo and share it in Lightroom by clicking on the share button, then that photo will be imported into Lightroom.
  • Step – 3. Then friends you have to open Lightroom application and whatever photo you have imported. In this application you will see that photo, you have to click on that photo.
  • Step – 4. After clicking, friends, you will see all the tools somewhere, all those tools are of different use. In this, you have to first click on the Light tool, then make lighting adjustments as described in this photo.
  • Step – 5. After making lighting adjustments friends will find another tool called Humble Curve Tool. You can make lighting adjustments according to you by clicking on that tool and you will get three colors in it, you can also adjust it.
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  • Step – 6. Then friends will get another tool named Color Tool. Friends this tool is the most important tool of this application because friends you will get all kinds of colors in this tool. You can give whatever tone you want to your photo. In this you will first find tools like temperature, vibration, saturation.
  • Step – 7. Then friends, after clicking on the Colored Tool, you will get another tool named Mix Tool, you have to click on this tool. When you click on it you will get to see many colors. Friends, if you use this tool properly, then your photo will become very beautiful. Like if you have green tone in your photo then you can give it yellow tone or black tone or other different tone in your photo.
  • Step – 8. Then friends, you will get another tool with the help of which you can change the effect in your photo, in this you will get all the tools like: Texture, Vignette, Dehje etc. With the help of these tools, you can give your photo a new look. can also give effect.
  • Step – 9. Then after your photo is well edited, you can save that photo in your mobile.

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Conclusion: Lightroom is a highly capable app that you as a photographer must have. Not only will you get to shoot and edit photos with it, but it also lets you share files seamlessly to many other devices. If you have an Adobe account, take advantage of it because you get to use all of its features for free. If you liked the information on how to Edit photos with Adobe Lightroom App, then definitely share it with your friends.

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