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Best Camera apps  – These days the cameras in smartphones are getting better and better. The camera app that comes installed on your phone is very good, but there are many people who like only 3rd-party camera apps, they do not like the installed camera, it does not mean that the camera cannot be changed. You can make complete changes in the 3rd-party camera app, which can help you take better photos. And with that, you can keep your 3rd-party camera apps in your own mode, or adjust your settings with manual or programmed camera controls. With this you can change a lot more, here we have told about some of the best best 5 camera apps.

1. A Better Camera

As soon as you hear the name of A Better Camera, you must have understood that the features of this camera will also be better. In this camera app, you get the option of object removal from brust mode to night mode as well. If you do not mess with manual controls for every situation, then A better camera is a very easy app for you to use. So know what – what features do you get in A Better Camera app

Features of A better camera

• In this camera, with the option of HDR: bright color & rich details, your photo gets the experience of the photo clicked with a professional camera.

• You can capture panoram 360 to 100MPix in it.

• Along with this, you can also level the photo while clicking your photo in it so that you can capture the photo professionally in a direct way.

• In A better camera, you also get the option of barcode scanner, so you do not even need to download barcode scanner separately.

• Along with this, you can also remove Multishot: Group portrait, Sequence shot, and unwanted objects in a single click.

• If I talk about its more features, then you get night mode, video recording + pause, video and photo time lapse, timer, ISO option, white-balance, and you also get the option of focusing in different ways. is.

• You can also unlock many things in a better camera, for that you can buy and unlock it from Rs 10 to Rs 734.33 per item.

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2. Camera MX – Photo & Video Camera

Camera MX is an old app, but the app is constantly kept upto date. The interface of this app is simple and very easy to use. But there are not many super powerful features inside this app. One of the best features of this app is that it can create cool GIFs. It also has a built-in photo editor, so that you do not have to download any other application for editing. So know whether this is a best camera app and what are its features.

Features of Camera MX

• Camera MX is a very easy to use app. And you can make GIF in it.

• The coolest feature of this app is that you can also capture android live shot in it.

• Along with this, you also get the option to pause the video recording in Camera MX and cut the video.

• If you want to do fast recording, then the option of time-lapse is also available in it, with the help of that you can do fast recording.

• After recording, you can use effects and filters in real-time.

• Along with this, you can do trimming after recording, apply slow-motion, and also take snapshots.

• If you are crazy about videos and photo editing then you can use many effects in photos and videos in this app and make them interesting.

• In this you get more options such as slow-motion & fast motion video editing, scale photos & videos, pencil & sketch drawing effects, change brightness, contrast, saturation & color temperature etc.

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3. Open Camera

From the name of Open Camera, it seems that everything will be open in this camera. The special feature of this camera app is that you can capture photos even without touching the phone. And you can also use the volume keys for the shutter button. So know about the features of Open Camera

Features of Open Camera

• Open Camera is a fully featured camera app, and free android camera app.

• In the Open Camera app, you will also show the time and your phone’s storage on the camera screen.

• Along with this, you also get the option to capture the photo by touching the camera screen in it. So that you can click the photo with a single touch.

• You can auto-stabilize your photo at any level.

• In Open Camera, you also get the option of timer beep so that whenever you set a timer to click a photo in the camera, you will hear the beep along with it.

• Along with this, you also get the option of audio control, so that you can take a photo with your voice command and start recording the video.

• In Open Camera, you can change the setting of the photo and the video according to you like (image quality, image format, HDR contrast, front camera mirror, video format, video resolution, maximum video duration, etc.) Apart from this, many more. options are available.

• Along with this, you get many more options in Open camera app and Open camera app is an easy to use android camera app.

• Open Camera is a completely free app and does not show any 3rd party ads with it.

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4. Cymera Camera – Photo Editor, Filter & Collage

Cymera is one of the old and popular camera apps. This app is a different app in itself, and this app attracts more with its features. This means that you get many features in a single app, such as filters, stickers, special effects, etc. It also has a beauty camera mode. In this, you can also apply and remove the features of face and body. This camera app also has its own photo editor, so that you can do a few edits easily. You can download this app for free. You can also purchase extra features inside this app. So let’s know about the features of Cymera Camera

Features of Cymera Camera

• In this you get a real beauty camera.

• Along with this you also get an amazing photo editor.

• With a single touch, you can share photos in a fast way.

• In this app you get many trending items for free. And you can also prepare your collage in it.

• You can also upload your post directly on Instagram and YouTube with the help of this app.

• Along with this, you get many features in it such as white balancing, Liquify image, filters beauty, crop or many more options are available.

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5. ProCam X – Lite ( HD Camera Pro )

ProCam X will make your phone like a professional camera with complete control over exposure, focus, white balance, ISO and other features like a professional camera, which can take your mobile photography to the next level. You can take the best capture of your photo and even record your video in high resolution. So know about the features of ProCam X

Features of ProCam X

• In this you get the option of fast camera, with the help of which you can take many photos simultaneously.

• Along with this, you also get the option of making a video in time lapse in it.

• In this you get the option of front back HD pro selection, along with this, the option of face recognition is also available in it.

• Along with this, you also get the option to do 4K recording in it. If your phone supports 4K.

• With the help of DSLR camera feature, you can adjust the shutter speed.

• You can also zoom in and zoom out the image with the help of volume keys.

• You can also turn off the shutter sound in ProCam X whenever you capture photos and record videos.

• You will get to see many more features in ProCam X such as realtime photo filter, flash mode feature, brightness and exposure setting etc.

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