How to Download Photo & Video from Instagram

Instagram Se Photo Download Kaise Kare – The Instagram photo sharing service has become one of the most popular platforms for users to share captured pictures with friends, family and others. Just as many types of photos, videos are shared on it, many of which are such that we like it but because of not knowing about it, we are not able to download it. So today we will solve your problem and tell you how to download Instagram videos and photos.

Instagram has become such an app on which most users are active. Every day many photos, videos are uploaded on Instagram. This is a very secure social site. Whose developer has not made such a feature to provide tight security so that photos, videos of Instagram can be downloaded, but many users are troubled by this, they are not able to download the videos of their choice. So let’s solve your problem and tell you how to download videos from Instagram.

How to Save Photo From Instagram

You can save photos and videos in your Instagram account, but keep in mind that you will not be able to see these photos and videos in the gallery, because they will be saved in your Instagram account. Let’s know how to save photo from Instagram Se Video Save Kaise Kare and Instagram:

Step 1: Login Instagram Account
To save Instagram Se Video, first log in to your Instagram account. After that you go to the homepage of your timeline.

Step 2: Tap On Photo Save Option
Now on the right side below the photo you want to save in your Instagram account, you will see a single option, click on it.

Step 3: Save To Collection
As soon as you click on that option, a message comes there “Save To Collection”, you can do the same process to save the videos.

Step 4: Go To Profile
Now all the Instagram photos and videos that you have saved in your collection go to your “Profile” to see all those Instagram photos and videos.

Step 5: Tap On Menu
Here by clicking on the “Menu” option, click on the “Saved” option, there you will get all the saved photos, videos.

How to Download Photo/Video from Instagram

Now if you want that Instagram Se Photo Kaise Download Kare and Instagram Se Video Download Kaise Kare so that we can save it in gallery and watch it later or without internet. There is no direct option to download photos and videos in Instagram. So for this you have to first download an app from which you can download photos and videos of Instagram.

Step 1: Download App
To download Instagram Se Photo, first you have to do FastSave for Instagram. You can also download it from Google Playstore and Apple App Store.

Step 2: Install App
After downloading FastSave App will have to be installed in your phone, after installing, open it.

Step 3: Open App
Now click on “Open Instagram” in FastSave App, after clicking your Instagram account will open.

Step 4: Select Photo
Select the photo that you want to download and click on the 3 dots on the side.

Step 5: Tap On Link
On clicking in it, there will be an option of “Copy Share URL” or “Copy Link”, after clicking on it, the photo will be saved in your gallery.

If you want, you can check in the gallery and follow the same process to download Instagram Se Video.

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Conclusion:– So friends, now you will be able to download Instagram videos of your choice and also save it in your gallery. If you have any question in your mind then you can ask by commenting.


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