How To Upload Mp3 Song On WhatsApp Status

How To Upload Mp3 Song On WhatsApp Status –  You must know that we can only upload Messages, Images, Videos, Links on WhatsApp Status but we cannot upload any kind of Mp3, Audio song, so friends in today’s post we will learn how to upload Mp3 song on WhatApp Status You can also upload voice messages in your own voice on WhatsApp Status

To use the trick, you have to download an application, the name of this application is WhatsCut Pro, you can watch the video below to see how it goes through the video.

How To Upload Mp3 Song On WhatsApp Status 

Step 1. Friends, first of all you have to download the application by clicking on the link given below and if you have to give all the permissions, then only this application will work properly, after opening the application, you will get 4 options below, then you will have to click on the music icon. If you want to click then all the Mp3 files will be there in your mobile.

Step 2.  Now friends, you have to click on whatever Mp3 song you want to upload on WhatsApp status, after that here you can cut the song, put your photo in the song, also write a message on the song, everything has to be set

Step 3. Now you have to click on the download icon below, then processing will take some time, the bigger your file, the more time it will take here after the processing is completed, it has to come back.

Step 4. Now you have to click on the download icon again below, then you will get the Mp3 song you have created here, you will find the share button above this song, you have to click on it and select WhatsApp and Status Now if any banda or prisoner will see your WhatsApp status, then he will hear only Mp3 song and he will definitely ask you once brother how have you uploaded Mp3 song.

Conclusion:- In this way you can upload any song or audio message on WhatsApp status, if you liked this post, then do share and comment to get information related to this post.


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