What is MV Master App | How to Use MV Master

What is MV master: – MV master is a video making app in which we can make the best birthday status, anniversary status video and many other types of videos for anyone.

You can download mv master by going to play store or download and install mv master by clicking on the link given below

How to make video in MV master:-
Step-1: After installing mv master, open it.

Step-2: We select the type of video we want to make.
Step-3: Click on start making.
Step-4: By which we get our gallery, in which we select the image according to the video.
Step-5: And click on the done option.
Step-6: Due to which the video is created according to the selected video.
Step-7: We can also apply music, text, and magic to the video.
Step-8: You can make the video effective by applying more effects.
Step-9: Now let’s click on export in the top right side.
Step-10: Select the size from which you want to become a quality video.

Step-11:  Selecting any one of high quality, standard quality, and basic quality, click on the ok button.
Step-12:  So the video gets created according to the quality.
Step-13:  With which we can also share and save the video in gallary by clicking on save and publish.
Step-14:  With which we can share anyone and create status.
In this way, make a video from MV master well and in less time and click on the video given below for information related to it


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