Google Translate: How do I use Google Translate

Google Translate: is the most popular language translation services used worldwide. Through this, about 103 languages ​​can be translated.

Not only you can visit google translate’s website and use it from any device but its app is also available for both Android and iOS.

This application has about 500 million users who use it for translation in different languages. This application comes with great features which we will discuss further.

How to download google translate

Google Translate app is available for both iOS and Android users for free.
Step 1: Go to google play store in android smartphone and type ‘google translate’ in the search box. After this, download the first application called google translate.
Step 2: If you are using iphone then open apple’s app store and search google translate and download the app.

Some special features of Google Translate App
> Number of language support: – You can translate any sentence or word by typing in about 103 language.
> Tap to Translate: – In this app, the option to Tap to translate is given, so that you can easily copy the given text in any app and translate it to any different language there.
> Translate in offline: – You can translate in 59 languages ​​without internet even in this Google translate. You just have to download that specifc language.
> Translate by Using Camera: – In this app you are also given the opportunity to translate instant camera. In which you will be able to translate any word or sentence from camera to 38 language in the world.
> Save Translation: – In Google Translate, you can save any translated sentence and word for future.

How to use google translate
To use Google Translate you have the following options:
Step-1: Go to this link in your computer browser –
Step-2: Install and use as a browser add on on the computer
Step-3: Chrome Google Translate Extension
Step-4: Mozilla Google Translate Add On
Step-5: Download Google Translate app on mobile: Go to your mobile app store and search by typing google translate.

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