What Is Guardian App – How to use Truecaller’s Women Personal Safety App

What Is Guardian App – Truecaller is a Live Location Tracking Mobile App created by the company. Which can be used to find out the location of your family or your immediate relatives. Through this app, you will be able to easily track the location of your logo live and can see their Exact location. Guardians App has features by sharing Always Share location, with the help of which you can share your live location with any of your relatives. Apart from this, an option has been given to share the location even if there is an emergency.

Truecaller has launched a new app named Guardians for the protection of women. Truecaller has launched Global Guardian App. According to the company, the Guardian app has been specially designed for women safety. According to Truecaller, this app has been built by the team of Stockholm and India in 15 months. Truecaller’s co-founder and CEO Alan Mamedi has said that hundreds of location sharing apps are in the market. But the Guardians App is a lot of work.

How to install Guardians App

You can download Guardians App direct from Play Store. First of all you will have to go to the play store and you will have to write back the Guardians App. The Guardians App is shown in the screen shot given below. All you have to do is to install the same app. Or you can install the direct download by clicking on the download button given below.

How to use Guardians App

If you are a Truecaller user, you can log into the Guardians app with the same ID. If you are not a Truecaller user, then in such a situation you can log in after verification with the phone number. To use this app, you have to give permission for your location, contacts and phone. It also has an emergency button that you can send notifications to your guardians by tapping.

What are the features of Guardians App

Truecaller company says Guardians consume less battery. You can easily share location in it. This app also works in the background. With the help of emergency button provided to you, you can share notifications about your special relatives. You can also close the location share whenever you want.

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