What is Anydesk | How to Use

What is Anydesk & How to Use it  – Anydesk is a Real Time Live Video Information Sharing Software. Which we can use in all these types of devices, Android Mobile, Laptop, Ios. Using this, we can communicate our mobile or computer with another mobile or computer. Then whether it is close to you or far away from you.

If it is understood in simple language, it is a software through which we can share the screen of our computer through Live Video very easily to any mobile or computer. Hope you have anydesk now? Must have come to know about it well. Now we also know about how to use it and what are its advantages and disadvantages.

How to download anydesk

Before downloading Anydesk, May I tell you that both Paid and Free versions come. If you are a Service Provider, then you can use its Paid Version. If you do not have a business of Service Provider, then you can also use its free version. To download it, you can click on the button below.

When you download it, after that it has to be installed in your mobile. After installing it, something like this will open the Dashboard in front of you.

How to use Anydesk

After opening anydesk, your dashboard will be open. In this, 2 such options will come before you and your Address and Remote Address.

1) Your Address: – In this option you will get a code which is a number. If you give this code to someone, then that person will put your code in their Remote Address. By which that person will be able to see your device and can also operate it. We can use it to run our mobile or computer in another mobile or computer.

2) Remote Address: – In this option you will get an empty box, in which you will have to intercept someone else’s Adress Code. With this, you can see someone else’s mobile or laptop in your mobile and laptop and can also run it. We can use it to run any other mobile or laptop in our mobile or laptop.

Advantages of anydesk

Now you have come to know about its increased benefits. But there are many more benefits about which you should also know. So let’s know what are its benefits.

  • In our computer or mobile, you can see live running activities at any other place and can also run.
  • If we have to help someone or else we have to show our problem to a service provider. At that time Anydesk can be very importent.
  • Due to this, we can also share any kind of file.
  • Due to this, your security remains intact. Because whenever you transfer any data to another computer, then it goes to another computer after being encrypted.
  • You can also transfer any kind of HD quality data at 100 / kbps speed.

Disadvantages of anydesk

The way any thing benefits us, it also causes some harm. Similarly, Anydesk also has many advantages and some disadvantages. You must also know about it. So we also know about this, what are its disadvantages.

  • In May 2018, Japanese cyber security firm Trend Micro discovered that cybercriminals have created a new ransomware variant with AnyDesk. Whose goal was to steal.
  • You must know that no matter what the software is, we continue to face some danger from it, similarly in Anydesk you may also be in danger.
  • Anydesk does not have any type of internal security due to which anyone can misuse.

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Conclusion:- So in this way you can take advantage of it by using Anydesk. This can be very useful for you when you want to solve your problem with a person living far away. Because you do not need to remove Screenshot again and again. Which will save your time and the next person will understand your problem early.


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