Photo Math – How to Solve Mathematics Question Online

Photo Math – How to Solve Mathematics Question Online – If you are a student or if you are a teacher then this app can be very useful for you, because by using this app, you can easily solve many math problems in very different ways. Camera Scaner App

The best feature of this app is that you can solve any problem by capturing any mathematics question from your mobile camera. This is an app, it is not only for Android mobile, but this app will also be available for Iphone users. The google play rating of this app is 4.7 / 10 Now you can come true what a great app.

What is needed to solve the question of Mathematics onlineĀ 

Sawal – You must have it, it would be better if written on a book or copy.

Smartphone – Online To solve any Sawal, everyone must have a Smartphon that is also near the logo.

Internet Pack – Online to do any work, the mobile must have an Internet Pack i.e. a Data Pack, so you will also need a Data Pack to do this work.

How to Solve all the questions from PhotoMath to Online Math? Math Sawal Solved Karne Wala App [Photomath]

You have to follow the steps given below to do Through Solve of Sawhemat Photomath of Mathematics.

Step-1: First of all, you have to go to the Play Store inside your mobile.

Step-2: Now you have to do a search by clicking on the Search Bar in your Play Store, ‘Photomath’

Step-3: Click on the first app number 1 that is showing in the search and install it in your mobile. Download App Direct

Step-4: Now open that app.

Step-5: There you will see an option which will be the camera, click on it.

Step-6: Now you have to place Sawal in front, which will be seen on your mobile screen.

Step-7: In a while, when the Sawal is fully scanned, then it will start loading, then the Sawal Solve will be in front of you and you will get its answer.

šŸ“² Play Store App :- Download

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Conclusion:- If I talk about the quality of this app, then this app is a very useful app. It has 20 million or 20 million downloads on its Play Store, which shows that this app is Trusted. More than 4 lakh people have rated this app. And the amazing thing is that the app has got a great rating of 4.0+, which shows the quality of this app.

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