What is StarMaker App and how to use it !!

StarMaker is a popular Singing App – Created by StarMaker Interactive. With the help of this app you can sing your favorite songs in your own voice through Karaoke Music. In this, you can record your song by both audio and video. This app is used by more than 50 Millions of people worldwide.

With a rating of 4.7 on the Google Play Store, this app has been downloaded by more than 100 million people and has Karaoke music tracks of more than 2 Millions songs available.

In StarMaker, you can sing and connect your earphones or headphones. In this, you will also get to see Lyrics along with Music, due to which you will not need to memorize the lyrics of the song. You can sing songs with music by looking at the lyrics of the song directly.

After recording your songs, you can also add different Voice Effects. And if you have recorded a video, then you can also add Video Effects to it. And can share their songs on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

In this, you can record your songs and post them. And other users can listen to your songs and you can listen to the songs posted by them. And in this, if you want to follow someone or you can also follow someone. In this way you can increase your following.
You can tag Hashtags, description and any friend along with posting the song. And you can also sing that song to you or your followers Like, Share, Comments and Repost.

How to download StarMaker in Android?

On Android smartphones, you can download StarMaker from the Google Play Store and in iOS Phones from the Apple Store.
How to download StarMaker in Android Smartphones?

1. Open the “Google Play Store” first.

2. Now search by typing “StarMaker” in the Search box.

3. Now click on StarMaker to “install”.

How to download StarMaker in Apple (iOS) iPhones?

1. Open your “App Store” first.

2. Now type “StarMaker” in the Search box in the App Store and the first app will come under the name StarMaker and click on it and open it.

3. After this, here you will see a cloud-like download icon and click on it. The StarMaker App will start downloading as soon as you click on that icon.

How to create an account in StarMaker?

1. Open the StarMaker App and select “Language”.
2. Now the homepage of the app will open in front of you and below you will see some options, click on the option with “Me” from it.
3. You will have a login page open in front of you, in which Facebook and Google will see two options.
4. Now click on “More Ways” written below.
5. Now two more options will come in front of you Email and Phone.
6. In this, you can login to StarMaker account from Facebook, Google account, Email and Phone number. Whichever method you want to login, select and login.
7. Now your profile will open in front of you.

How to sing in StarMaker App

You will need Earphones / Headphones to sing in StarMaker. Also, if the environment around you is quiet and there is not much noise, the song will be a good record.

And one important thing to keep in mind while singing a song is not to place the earphone mic in front of your mouth at once. Place the earphone mic slightly away from your mouth and slightly above the mouth. So that when you are singing a song, the air that comes out of your mouth and nose will not hit the mic and your voice will be completely clear record.

So now we know how to sing in StarMaker App

Step-1: First of all, connect your earphones and open the StarMaker App.
Step-2: Now the list of songs will be visible in front of you, or search the song in the search box above and click on “Sing” to choose your favorite song.
Step-3: Now the lyrics of the song will be visible in front of you and options like Solo, Duet, Start and camera in the upper right side will be visible below. If you want, you can also create a video by clicking on the camera option.
Step-4: Now click on the option that says “Start”.
Step-5: Now your song will start and music will play, above you will also show Points how you are singing. And Lyrics will play along with your music.
Step-6: After the song is over, you will have a Points show in front of you.
Step-7: Now the Upload Menu will open in front of you and you can listen to your songs in it, by clicking on Effects you can add different effects to it to make your songs a little better.
Step-8: You can do Slideshow by choosing images by clicking on Slideshow.
Step-9: You can select the cover photo of your song by clicking on Cover.
Step-10: You can also add Description, Hashtags, and Tag to Post song.
Step-11: If you want to post the song later, you can also save the draft in the right side by clicking on the Draft option above.
Step-12: After posting all the settings, click on “Post” to post the song. Now your song uploading will start.
Step-13: After the song is uploaded, click on “Check” and your song will be played.
Step-14: You can see your uploaded songs by swipe down on the option with your profile and you will see an option with a cover.

What is StarMaker App Ke Features? And how to use it?

The StarMaker App has a lot of features but in this we will talk about some of the best features and know what is the use of the feature from the cone.

Party rooms
Friends, this feature is very amazing. You will find a lot of party rooms in StarMaker. In which a lot of people can join and can sing all songs live. And when someone is singing a song, then we can also listen to that song and also chat with all the people who are in the room.

In this, you can sing live songs with anyone, either alone or by collab. And you can also send different types of gifts in it.

Short Videos
With the help of this feature, you can shoot your 19 Seconds short video with your song or with anyone’s song and to edit the video, a few effects are also given in it.

Duets / Collab
Friends, if you do not want to create a song by recording your voice with the voice of one of your favorite singers or if you want to sing in your voice with another StarMaker user’s song, then you can do it with the help of this feature.

If you want, you can upload by singing your Duet song and then other users will join your song. You select a song in which two singers are singing and then you have to sing and post any part of a single singer.

Whoever joins your duet will sing the part of the second singer.
And if you want, you can also post your favorite singer or other users by singing duets sung by them.

With the help of this feature, you can start your live session. You can sing songs in it live and whatever your fans will be, you can join and watch your Live.

In Live, you can also chat with other users and if a user is spamming, then that user can also be blocked.

Chat inbox
In StarMaker, you can make friends by sending a Friend Request to a user and then you can also do Chatting with him.

Before chatting, you have to send message request to that user and after that user accepts your request, after that both users can send messages to each other.

Visitors trace
If a user visits your profile, then with the help of this feature you will be able to see which user has checked your profile.

But you will only be able to see the last 3 users in it, if you want that anyone who visits your profile means that whoever checks your profile is visible to you, then for this you will have to buy StarMaker Vip.

How to download songs from StarMaker App?

1. Open the StarMaker App.
2. Now play any song you want to download.
3. After this, click on the option with “Share” and then select “Instagram”.
4. Now close StarMaker after 100% uploading.
5. After that open File Manager and click on “Internal Storage” of the phone.
6. Now click on the folder of Movies, then click on the folder containing “StarMaker”.
7. Now on here you will get to see the “File” of your songs in MP4 format.
8. If you do not find the file in this folder, then you will find this file in the Videos folder.
9. And if you want to convert this file to MP3, then after renaming this file and removing MP4 and converting it to MP3, this file will be converted to MP3 format.

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