Face Editor App- How To Use FaceApp

Face Editor- How To Use FaceApp: Face app is a mobile application similar to other apps which is available in android and ios. To understand in simple language, it is an AI (artificial intiligence) photo editor app. And this app is made by a Russian company wireless lab neural network With the help of technology, one automatically generates high transformations faces ie photo of this photo. This app automatically brings a smile to the face of your photo, this makes your photo look younger than you want to make a photo. You can also change the look to the old look. And one of the special features of the Face app is that you can change the gender in it. You can see if you are a boy and what would you look like if you were a girl. Your. And this app was originaly launched in january 2017. But it was not so popular before, tell us about the reason behind it.

The most important thing about the face app is its old age feature. It turns your picture into an old age. And you will not be able to deny that you are going to look like this in old age or not. FaceApp works on Artificial Intelligence (ai based faceapp). With the help of this you can change the photo in the filter given by them and it changes the photo in such a good way that you cannot even think.

How To Use FaceApp

Whichever OS you use in your phone, go to the app store and serach by writing ‘Faceapp’. After this, an app named faceapp will appear in front of you, which you have to install. After installing it, it will ask for the necessary information and permission from you, which you can give according to your own.

➥ First of all, Download Face App From Official Website

➥ Open the Face app in mobile.

➥ And if you have photos in your phone gallery, then click on the option in the gallery.

➥ And then you can also select photos by searching from camera / facebook / internet. +

➥ After that, you will see the option of age towards the bottom, where you choose age according to your age, that is, you should select the photo of which age.

➥ After that select the old and apply. Soon after that your photo will be converted into old age.

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