Hello English App – Best English Learning App

Hello English App – Best English Learning App – This app is very popular and fun for learning English, with the help of this you can easily learn to read and speak English writing.

What we don’t do to learn English Sometimes they try to write books, sometimes they join a coaching class. But now you do not need it. You can learn good English from your mobile. Today we will give you an app about which you can learn fluent English. So let’s know how it will help you in English learning 

This app name is Hello English and it supports 25 languages ​​like Hindi, Malayali, Oriya, Tamil. This means that a person who knows any native language can learn English from it. It supports 25 different languages, so you speak any language, you can learn English comfortably with the help of this app.

There will be 475 question banks. Hello English will first test your knowledge and then its recording will tell you which lesson you have to start from. If it is English Week, then you have to start with the first lesson, if you have knowledge then you will get further chapters.

This app teaches you to speak English by speaking and you can know what to say by listening to any sentence or word.

The app features 475 interactive lessons, interactive games, talking practice games, discussions with teachers, exercises with daily news and videos, and playing quizzes with friends.

How to use Hello English

Step-1:: To learn English from Hello English, first of all, you have to choose your language and tell your English level, which level you know English, Beginner, Intermediate or Expert

Step-2: If you want to learn English from the beginning and you clicked on the beginner, then this app will start teaching you English from Lesson 1. Will do.

Step-3: When you start a lesson, the app first tells you English by itself and then asks you questions.

Step-4: In between intervals you also have to pass some tests, after which you can proceed to the next lesson.

Step-5: After finishing the lesson, you get some coins and these coins are deposited as you finish the lesson.

Step-6: These coins are used to unlock the front lessons because the next ones are locked and cannot be used to learn English by going directly to those lessons.

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